WeMod Pro Free - Pro Membership Without Paying? (2024)

Can you get WeMod Pro for free? And is it worth your money?

With WeMod's pro membership, a number of helpful features are locked behind this paywall. These functions include being able to use the WeMod interface to enable and disable features, as well, as controller support and other helpful functions. With a WeMod Pro membership you're going to be paying every month to have access these features. So is there a way to get it for free?

What Is WeMod?

WeMod is a popular game cheating service for single-player games. Through their app, you can cheat in a number of different games on PC, with a range of cheat features. These are essentially trainers but all accessible through the application. Different cheat developers make their cheats available through the WeMod app.

This service has a basic free tier, as well as an upgraded 'pro' membership you can pay monthly for. That money is how WeMod can continue to offer and improve their service since by making money they can invest more into their coders as well as their customer support and user experience.

Wemod Trainer Website

WeMod Pro For Free?

Currently there are no legitimate ways to get the Pro functionality without paying for it. There is however a free trial available so you can try out the Pro functions before you decide if you want to pony up the cash for it.

The basic version of WeMod is free, you don't have to pay for it. This means you can access their library of cheats for hundreds of games without having to put down cash. It also means that they want to upgrade you to a pro membership by any means necessary, even including holding back many helpful features that make the user experience much better.

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How To Get A WeMod Pro Trial

1.To get a trial of the pro membership, you'll have to already be running the WeMod app. 

2. When logged in at the top right corner you should see the option to get 'Pro'.

3. When you click on that and it takes you to the WeMod website, you should have the option to select a 3-Day trial option.

Keep in mind that you'll most likely have to enter your billing details in order to take advantage of the trial. This means if you don't cancel your membership before the 3-day period ends, you'll be charged for the Pro membership.

Wemod Pro For Free - Cracked?

WeMod Pro Cracked

Some websites may advertise having a cracked WeMod Pro version available. We would not recommend downloading any possibly infected files which claim to be a working 'pro' version, as those who want to spread viruses often advertise cracked versions of software to get their viruses and infected files onto more PCs.


There is a big industry in installing malware on your PC which can constantly show ads or gather data on your activities. One install of this software can be worth $5-10 dollars or more, so there is a large incentive for malicious actors to try and trick you to install some software. These people use networks like Youtube, file-sharing sites, torrents, and random blogs and forums to spread these files. Is a cracked file really worth the risk of having your PC infected?

Keep in mind that since WeMod's app has to connect to their servers to load your game cheats, any cracked file could be easily detected since their servers have the ability to check if your account has a pro membership in their database. So even if you could crack the app, it could result in your PC being banned from their servers once they detect you are using an illegitimate version.

WeMod Pro Features

Access to the 'Remote' phone application that lets you toggle your cheats through your phone while playing a game.
An 'Overlay' feature that lets you enable and disable cheat features while playing without having to alt-tab.

Mouse support

The ability to toggle on and off features from the WeMod interface using your mouse, instead of having to use the keyboard shortcuts

discord channel

A special Discord membership which includes a 'Pro' only section so you can interact only with other 'Pro' members

pro badge

A special badge in the WeMod community to show that you are a 'Pro' member.

support priority

Higher priority for support if you are having an issue with the service.

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