VAD Superior Leather Vest iPhone 5/5S/5C review 

vadIs it a pouch, or a vest? Does it really matter what it is called when it is so good?

VAD is a new experience for me, and this pouch really makes me want to experience more from this manufacturer. A completely new kind of design for a pouch, and not even calling it a pouch is kind of a brave move. No matter if it is called a vest, or pouch this is one neat piece of design.

Made from two pieces of leather sewn together along the edges it shares the basic design of most pouches. Where it differs is in the way you extract the phone. At the bottom there is an upside down V on what I presume is the back. You may use it any way you like: either logotype on the front, or the open V on the front. To extract you push up on the bottom of the phone. As this is a rather snug pouch it takes some effort. With time it extends a bit, but not by much. Using it with a screen protector is ok, but not really with both back and front protectors on your phone.

The quality of the leather is great, and it has a real leather smell. The edges are lightly painted. A cool green lining with a weird pattern can be seen inside. The workmanship is excellent with perfect seams around the edges. I really like the contrast stitching that gives the entire case a cool vibe.

For protection, it is also quite good covering the entire phone. The leather is quite thin, and it would probably not withstand a heavy impact, but for everyday use it is ok.

It takes a while to get used to extracting the phone by pushing from the bottom, but once that barrier is broken it is a marvelous experience. Having a cut-out at the bottom gives you the chance to charge the phone inside the pouch, and to hear the ringer when you have a call or notification. The cut-out is not wide enough for you to use headphones though.

The VAD Superior Vest is a luxurious pouch that is hard to resist. It stands out from most other pouches when it comes to design. Definitely recommended if you are looking for something special to accommodate your iPhone 5/5S/5C.