Two Point Hospital Trainer

Power up your hospital with the #1 Hack Trainer for Two Point Hospital.

Want to have the best hospital in Two Point Hospital? Whether you want to give yourself a helping hand, unlock all the available hospital items and rooms, or create your dream hospital, this Two Point Hospital trainer gives you all the abilities you need to win in the game.

Enhance your experience in Two Point Hospital for the Steam version of the game. In this game, it’s your goal to design an incredible hospital, cure the most deadly and strange diseases, and optimize your patient and cash flow until you’re rolling in cash. The game released on Steam on 30th, after a lot of praise from streamers who got to play the game early. Even after you construct your first functional hospital, there’s still lots to do, with rooms and facilities to upgrade, staff to train, and patient flow to optimize. This is a game you could sink hundreds of hours into if you want to see everything there is to do and construct a variety of hospitals.

Give Yourself More Cash

Whether you are tired of waiting for more patients to increase your cash flow, or made a poor decision that left you low on funds, you can immediately increase your funding with this helpful cheat trainer. With this, you can give yourself as much money you want, so you can even build your dream hospital if you wish! You might even try creating a hospital like one of the new luxury hospitals that are becoming more popular around the world!

Happy Employees Cheat

Tired of employees complaining about their working conditions? Hey, I’m sure plenty of real-life CEOs and managers are as well, but you have an easy way to solve this! This cheat feature ensures that employees are always happy no matter how rat infested and unclean the environment. Who can’t get behind that! This is a helpful feature if you don’t want to worry about losing valuable staff while you are working on your hospital, as it can be frustrating having to deal with unhappy employees.

Perfect Hospital Hygiene Hack

Never worry about unhappy patients and staff due to hygiene with another great cheat feature for Two Point Hospital. This feature, like many other features included in the trainer, is a quality of life addition that makes it so your hospital is always perfectly clean. Keeping every surface absolutely spotless can be a fair bit of work in the game, so removing that concern may be of interest to you.

Always Updated Cheating Trainer

The Two Point Hosptial hack tool is always updated to be compatible with the latest game version. If the game releases an update and the trainer isn’t yet updated, you can simply request an update, and a coder will be notified to take a look at the game update. Don’t get stuck with out-of-date trainer cheats within a couple weeks after the game has updated 5 times! This trainer is maintained so your cheats are always available for use.

Get Your Cheat Download!

Start constructing your dream hospital, or get a helping hand with this powerful trainer. Want to claim your download? Click below to be redirected to the trainer page, create your account and choose your subscription. You’ll get access to cheat trainers for almost every game on PC, all updated and packed with powerful features!

  • Change Kudos
  • Hospital Level Multiplier
  • Instant Research
  • Instant Upgrade
  • Cure is Always Successful
  • Diagnose is Always Successful
  • Infinite Patient Health
  • Instant Staff Training
  • No Bored
  • Happy Staff/Patients
  • Change Money
  • Happy Employees
  • Infinite Energy for Employees
  • Change XP
  • Change Rank
  • Change Speed
  • No Hunger
  • No Thirst
  • No Toilet Need
  • Perfect Hygiene
  • Super Speed
  • Perfect Maintenance of Selected Item
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