Submit A Review To Us 

Calling all mobile games developers! If you have a game you would like us to review, please email us at “reviews (at) touchgen dot net”

There are three ways to set up review copies. If the game is available on the App Store you can send us an itunes gift voucher to cover the cost, or you can use apple’s Promocode system and send to us to get the game. The other option is to set up a review build using the AdHoc system, this is free and particularly useful for pre app store releases. Contact us for our iPhone ID’s on the above email address which you will be able to add to the games provisioning file, this locks your game to our iPhones, preventing piracy.

• Whatever game you send us is considered final, and we review it with that in mind.

• All of our reviews are as unbiased and straight forward as possible.

• If you do not believe your game is finished, do not submit it. However, we can do a preview of the game.

• If your game is a tech demo to test a new control scheme/game engine/etc, do not submit it.

• We reserve the right to keep a review on our site, or remove it at our discretion.

• We will not remove a review for a game for you for any reason.

• We will not give preferential treatment or take bribes.

• Our review score is a 5 star system

Star ratings

0.5= Terrible

1= Bad

1.5= Not good

2= Mediocre

2.5= Passable

3= Okay

3.5= Good

4= Great

4.5= Un-missable

5= Outstanding

We look forward to playing your games!