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The Best Sources Of State Of Decay 2 Hacks

Have you fallen in love with State of Decay 2? Do you long every day for the hour you can get home, boot up, and start playing? If so, you’re more than a casual fan, you’re in fact hardcore.

You’ve likely sunk hundreds of hours into the game because you love it so much, but you might have also started hitting a wall in how well you do in the game. On top of hitting a general ceiling as a player, you might find a dozen or so individual parts or aspects of the game hard to master, or even impossible.

It might just be time to start looking up State of Decay 2 cheats you can use to get over the hump. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn 5 potential sources you can check out if you want to learn how to bend the rules, or just break them.

1) Magazines: Gaming magazines aren’t as widely circulated as they once were, which is largely the fault of the Internet. Still, there is a community of gaming writers and authors doing play guides. They also provide regular articles and columns for the magazines with tidbits you might not find anywhere else. You don’t even need a subscription, as a lot of their content goes on their websites, or you might find copies at your local gaming store or even your local or school library. That said, you won’t find any trainer downloads for State of Decay 2 in these.

2) Reddit: This website seemingly has a forum for everything under the sun, and this game is no exception. Search on Reddit itself for any game title plus the word cheats to dig up insights. Just note how recently a thread was created or updated so your information isn’t too out of date.

3) Facebook Groups: Joining up socially with other enthusiasts about the game gives you the chance to learn from those that love this open-world zombie survival game as much as you do, if not more. A social media group might also be the first place you find out about new ideas and developments.

4) YouTube: You would likely rather play than watch others play, but if you’re stuck on a particular part of the game, just one tutorial video can prove insightful on something you had no idea about. Be careful if downloading trainers for State of Decay 2 from youtube, as they might not be safe files.

5) Twitch: This platform has some of the best players in any game, giving you the chance to learn from the greatest gamers out there. Find one or two whose play-style you either like or want to learn and follow them when they’re broadcasting online.

Now that you have read this article you know 5 potential sources of State of Decay 2 cheats you can use to play the game better or just make it easier. Go through the whole list if you can to leave no stone unturned. If you do it quietly enough, you might just find a few tricks your friends have no idea about so you can impress them with your gamer skills.

Just keep in mind that some cheats, trainers, and quite a few mods, might be frowned upon by the game developers and gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation, which can mean risking anything from bans to voided achievements. Only use game trainers and hacks when playing singleplayer so you aren’t affecting the experience of anyone else.

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Community Survivors Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • No Fatigue
  • Fast Level Up/Skills/Fast Specialize
  • Unlimited Weapon Ammo
  • Unbreakable Melee Weapons
  • Unbreakable Gun Weapons
  • Items Picked Up Weigh Nothing
  • Unencumbered/Unlimited Weight
  • Massive Supplies
  • Fast Construct Buildings/Upgrades/Crafting
  • Easy Crafting
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