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At Touchgen, get access to tens of thousands of PC gaming trainers, all safe to use without the risk of unknowingly downloading a virus or spyware. We recommend trainers only from our trusted partners, who develop top PC gaming cheat trainers as a business.

Don’t Search For Trainer Downloads Online

Do you really want to put your computer at risk every time you look for a trainer on the web? Online low-lifes are always looking for ways to install their viruses and malware on more computers, and getting you to run an unknown application on your computer is one of the easiest ways to do that. Every time you go to a new website or a click a file sharing link there’s always the risk that your luck ran out. A virus can be a huge pain in the ass and require a complete reformat to remove, and could also compromise your financial information.

Get Gaming Trainers For Every PC Game

If you play a lot of different PC games, you’ll always have to be searching the internet for trainers for each title. Some trainer developers only support a few games, and some stop updating their software, meaning that after a game update, your trainer no longer works. Then you have to start the search all over again, and might end up with a trainer with fewer features or a totally different interface.

The Touchgen Advantage:

  • Tens of thousands of trainers available for download!
  • Supporting all the newest PC releases.
  • Cheats loaded with features.
  • Daily trainer updates.
  • Dedicated Trainer Manager for downloads and updates.
  • Priority help & support.


At Touchgen,  our trusted partners develop trainers for many thousands of games and add upwards of 2000+ trainers to their service every year.

That means that you can quickly download a trainer for just about any game through a ‘Trainer Manager’ application, and easily get updates when needed. And that means you aren’t having to visit sketchy sites and download applications that might put your computer’s security at risk.

No Virus Risk

Since every trainer you get will be from the same trusted trainer provider, you don’t have to worry about picking up a virus or malware from a sketchy site or file download. All trainers are downloaded directly from the provider’s website! It makes it incredibly quick and easy to both find trainers for new games as well as download an updated trainer for a new game version.

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All Touchgen trainer software is 100% safe to use and FREE of viruses or spyware.

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