Mobile Pages Archive 

While Touchgen is now focused on bringing our visitors details on the top cheat trainers in PC gaming, it was once focused on mobile editorials and reviews. The landscape of mobile apps and games has changed massively over the past years, with the idea of mobile gaming surpassing traditional PC and console gaming but never quite coming to pass. Touchgen was one of the first sites covering mobile games and delivered helpful editorial content to thousands of games looking for the best games for their iOS or Android phones. Touchgen was well known for their reviews on websites such as, where gaming reviews were aggregated so you could easily see an average across review websites.

Unfortunately, editorial content on mobile gaming has suffered a blow recently, with Apple disabling the referral program that enabled many mobile review websites to earn money from their posts and articles. Some would say this caused a conflict of interest, with writers financially compensated for recommending titles, however, the extra revenue enabled editorial websites to hire additional staff and have less reliance on sponsors and advertising. Whether you think Apple’s choice was good or bad, you can’t deny that it has caused a reduction in mobile gaming coverage. That said, youtube is still a fantastic place to see videos and learn about the top mobile releases.

Below you’ll find links to many mobile articles from games that released between 2009 and 2014. We’ve kept this content for those who wish to go back and read about some of the classic titles like the Asphalt games or Chop Chop Ninja!