Comprehensive GameCopyWorld Review (2024)

Is this trainer website safe to use? We tried it for ourselves.

GameCopyWorld has seemingly been around forever, with a site design that doesn't seem to have changed since the late 1990's. They're well known however for being a source of free game trainers for most titles, one of the first sources I found for the first trainers I ever used, and one of the top search results when searching for game cheats on Google. But can you really trust the trainers you download here?

Are GameCopyWorld's Cheat Files Safe To Download?

GameCopyWorld doesn't charge any money for use of their site, so it seems to be more of a passion project, with some support from advertisers helping to fund their hosting. All of the trainers on their site seem to be shared via community members and uploaded to their servers so they are available to download.

The danger with is is that you never know when someone may upload an infected file to the site that has some additional code in it, whether it uses your PC to mine cryptocurrency, installs adware, contains a virus or RAT (Remote Administration Tool) to allow an attacker to take control of your PC. While the owner of GameCopyWorld may be well intentioned, there's no way they have the ability to reverse engineer and analyze each file that's being uploaded to their servers and being made available through their website.

All of this results in GameCopyWorld being no safer for downloading cheats and trainers than Youtube, file sharing sites, or forums where anyone can upload a file. Do you really trust the community of this site 100% that you'll leave your PC's security in their hands? Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. 

About The Site


Here's the main points to know about GameCopyWorld.

  • Offers trainers, game patches, and no-cd fixes.
  • They host trainer and file downloads rather than making their own trainers.
  • Since all files are 3rd party files you have to trust that the cheat or application is safe to use.
  • The website has an old-school, retro design, which is a plus or minus depending on whether you like it.

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A Comprehensive Review For 2024.

gamecopyworld trainer site

Trainer Quality & Features

While it's helpful that GameCopyWorld lists multiple trainers for games, these cheats are the same trainers that are available at other websites, so you're not getting access to anything exclusive or new here. If I wanted to download a trainer from a particular developer like FLiNG, I'd rather get it from his own website or another trusted source, rather than here.

Overall there are some decent trainers available here, however they aren't any of our top choices, like the CheatHappens trainers which boast more features on average than any other cheat provider.

We also found it frustrating that just from looking at the trainers there isn't any way to tell which features each trainer has. So a trainer might say +9 to indicate nine options included, but it isn't immediately obvious which options those are. If you want a very particular feature, you could waste quite a bit of time downloading each one to check its options.

GameCopyWorld Pros & Cons

  • Lists multiple trainers per game.
  • Basic website design - Makes it easy to navigate the website.
  • No way to know if cheat trainers are safe to download.
  • Same free trainers that you can download on other website
  • Trainers have fewer features than the best trainer providers
  • Limited update information, nowhere to rate or discuss trainers

Our Conclusion

While GameCopyWorld was likely one of the first sites for trainer downloads, they really haven't modernized and are no longer a recommended source for cheat downloads. Due to the fact that you're trusting their community to upload downloads without any malware or viruses attached and putting your PC's safety at risk, we can't recommend them at this time, as there are much better options available.

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