Is CheatHappens Legit

CheatHappens is a well known trainer provider that has been around since 2001. They offer trainers for many popular new games, with thousands of trainers being added to their service every year. And to answer the question you might be asking in as few words as possible, yes they are legit.

With a dedicated team of coders who release trainers for new games, as well as update existing trainers to keep them working after game patches, dlc and expansions, have turned making game cheats into a business, and from the looks of things, business is booming. But does their service really work and are their trainers safe to use? If you're interested in a deep dive of their service, be sure to check our our Cheat Happens review.

Do CheatHappens Trainers Really Work?

CheatHappens have been around for a long time, though if you are new to using game cheats, you may not have heard about them before. Their cheats do in fact work, and they're actually quite good. Most importantly though is that their trainers are kept updated, so you don't have to go looking for another trainer after a game update breaks your current cheats.

Here's an example of one of their cheats, their Orcs Must Die 3 trainer:

Orcs Must Die 3 Trainer Download Features

As you can see, they provide a video of all the trainer features if you're wondering what features the cheat has and how they work. When you download the trainer there are also text instructions included that cover each of the features so it's really easy to understand.

And while this trainer doesn't have as many features as some of their cheats for triple-A games, this game is simple enough that these features give you a big advantage in the game and will easily let you beat any level.

Software Features

As you can see in the screenshot above, the cheats are scanned for viruses and safe to use on your PC. These guys have been in business for a long time and have no reason to infect anyone's PC.

From the tags in the top right of the screenshot, you can see the cheat supports RGB colors with some keyboards, so your keyboard's lighting can respond to activating trainer functions. The trainer can also be downloaded and updated through the CheatHappens trainer manager, which is a free download you can learn more about here. 

Finally, the 'PREMIUM' tag means that in order to access all the trainer features, you'll need a premium membership. While it may seem silly at first to pay for a premium membership, not only are lifetime memberships available, but you'll be able to access feature loaded cheats for thousands of games including pretty much every new release, and be able to take advantage of some great cheat features while not risking getting a virus from downloading cheats from other random sites. 

cheathappens trainer website

Check Out Our Complete CheatHappens Review

If you're interested in learning more about this site, I have compiled a comprehensive review of their service. In it I cover the quality of the cheats, the user experience, the breadth of their game support, available memberships as well as our summary of our thoughts regarding their cheats.

I found that they are a much better choice than risking your PC's security by using free cheats, something I found out the hard way personally in the past. Read the full review.

Reddit Comments On CheatHappens

We have compiled a few comments we found from reddit on CheatHappens. There isn't much discussion about the service there. Most people who have any questions about the site itself likely ask it on CH's own boards where you can ask questions that other community members or staff can then answer.

Reliable Trainers

In this first comment, redditor Selm1R was responding to a topic about where to find trainers. He mentioned that he has been using CH for quite a long time and ended up purchasing a lifetime membership. We also recommend that, since it becomes a great value over a few years. You may wish to try a monthly membership just to see the trainers first for yourself, but you'll probably want to upgrade.

Safe To Use, Paid

In this comment, Dementedfreakazoid mentioned that the cheats are safe in their experience but not available for free. CheatHappens does offer some basic cheat features for free, but to take full advantage of their trainers you will need a membership. I myself used free trainers for many years and saw no reason to pay for them, but eventually when I did try the CH premium membership I never went back. It was so much more convenient having always updated cheats, with great features and no risk of infecting my PC.

Their comment about the trainers being found somewhere else for free is false as far as I am aware, since CheatHappens own team members create their trainers they are different from some other trainer coders like Fling or MrAntiFun who in the past shared their trainers across multiple sites.

No Viruses Or Trojans

Their account has since been deleted but this redditor commented that CheatHappens was the only site they could find that wasn't a scam or had viruses. This is an unfortunate fact, that any time you download a random free cheat from an uploader on a website you are trusting that they haven't infected the file in some way. It can be a huge pain if your PC is infected, as you can lose data, and even have the virus spread if you restore any existing data on another PC or after reformatting.

Regarding their comment about 'paying for "new" trainers', you can choose to purchase some trainers individually on CheatHappens but they have moved away from this model to memberships where you have few or no restrictions on your downloads.


CheatHappens trainers do work and are fully legitimate. You don't have to worry about your PC getting infected, or your credit card details being stolen if you purchase a membership with them.

The cheating service itself is quite good, with trainers for the latest games being available to download with a premium membership. They have a lot of extra features as well, like their trainer manager for downloading and updating trainers, written instructions as well as many video demonstrations, RGB lighting support, and a mobile app being developed. You can't go wrong with this service.

CheatHappens Earned Our  #1 Trainer Recommendation.  Read Our Comprehensive Review Here.

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