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Humankind is an turn-based strategy game from Amplitude Studios, a studio best known for the Endless series. Their latest title is based on history and has been compared to Civilization. Players will start in the nomadic age and develop a civilization across six eras.

It's likely that the game will offer plenty of challenge, even for games that regularly play 4X games, which is why you may want to look for a Humankind game trainer. Using a trainer will allow you to adjust the game's difficulty level and experience more of what it has to offer.

POSSIBLE Humankind Trainer features

  • Unlimited Movement
  • Fast Build Units
  • Fast Build Buildings And Wonders
  • Fast Specialized Buildings
  • Fast Research
  • Fast Civics
  • Edit Current Damage Done To Unit
  • Edit Moves Remaining
  • Edit Unit XP
  • Edit Unit Level
  • Edit Player Gold
  • Edit Player Influence
  • Edit Population

These cheat features are not final and are subject to change.

Upcoming Humankind Cheat Release:

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Humankind Trainer

Will There Be Trainers For Humankind?

There are trainers available for Amplitude's previous titles, like Endless Legend, so it's safe to assume that Humankind trainers will be available as well. The game, which is set to release on August 17th, 2021, is being published by Sega and has been heavily promoted, which means that players interested in trainers shouldn't have to wait long.

Amplitude has also announced that the game will not use Denuvo, which is a popular type of digital rights management software. This may make it easier to alter the game with trainers. Since there's no console release planned for Humankind, trainers are something that all players will be able to enjoy.

What Kind of Options Will be Available?

Since Humankind has a lot in common with Civilization, and because Amplitude Games has released other 4X games in the past, it's possible to make some predictions about the options trainers will offer. You can expect to see options like:

* Infinite money
* Infinite resources
* One-turn building
* Heal units
* Capture units

Humankind Trainer Download

With these kinds of options, you'll be able to see more of what the game has to offer. If you're struggling to get through the game's early stages, taking advantage of options like this will let you make fast progress.

Why Use A Game Trainer?

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy games, and you're free to enjoy Humankind without any cheats or hacks. With that said, a trainer can benefit you in quite a few ways. One of the biggest perks of playing with a trainer is that it can save you time. If you have a limited amount of play time, and you actually want to make progress during your play sessions, you'll be able to do that with cheats.

You can use a trainer to customize your experience in single-player, but you can also use it to level the playing field when playing the game in multiplayer. If some players have more experience than others, the newer players can use a trainer so that they can keep up. 

Humankind Trainer Review

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What Are The Risks Of Using A Cheat?

As long as you download your trainer from a legitimate and trustworthy site, there's nothing for you to worry about. While it's common to see bans for using cheats in games with a big online multiplayer community, like Overwatch, it's very rare to see people get banned for using trainers in a smaller game like this one.

If you are worried about a ban, you can stick to playing the game in single-player or exclusively play with friends. Since you won't have to worry about anyone reporting your account, you won't have to worry about a ban. 

Humankind Trainer Screenshot

Is It Hard to Use a Game Trainer For Humankind?

If you've never used a trainer before, you'll find the process incredibly easy. After you download the trainer, you'll find a Read Me file that will explain how you can use the trainer to modify your game. The process should be very easy.

Once you have the trainer running, altering your game will be as easy as pressing a button. Game trainers map options to hot keys. You can press a button and change your game instantly. You can also press the button again if you want to turn that feature off. It's extremely user-friendly, even for gamers that aren't tech savvy.

More Humankind Game Images

How Can You Choose the Right Cheats?

If there's more than one trainer available for Humankind, the first thing you'll want to look at is where the trainers are hosted. Make sure you get your trainer from a trusted site that's been around for a while.

Beyond that, you'll want to look at the trainer's features. If there's a particular option that you're interested in, you'll want to use the trainer with that option. The best part of using a trainer is being able to control your experience. With the right options, you'll be able to play Humankind exactly the way you want to play it.

Humankind is sure to be an exciting experience for anyone that enjoys turn-based 4X games, but if you're worried about time or difficulty levels, try a Humankind game trainer. For many players, this is the ideal way to experience the game.

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