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Green Hell is a game available now on Steam. On August 29, it entered Early Access. The game is set in the Amazonian rainforest where you will need to work to survive physically and psychologically. You have to survive everything you encounter in the forest from hungry alligators to illnesses for which you must create medicine for.

Early Access means that if you start playing it now it could change. If this is a problem for you then wait until the full version is released. In the meantime, there are plenty of cheats to help you.

Left alone in the jungle with no food or supplies, you have to find your way out and survive. Each player goes on a journey of self-sufficiency. Being alone can work against you. Can you survive the dangers of the jungle without succumbing to your worst fears?

You do not get any outside help to learn how to build your shelter, make some tools and weapons and eat. You have to learn to hunt using your tools and it is no easy task. You will be pitted against wild animals and tropical diseases.

The Amazonian rainforest is the green hell. You must survive and one tool is the radio where you can listen to the sound of a loved one’s voice. You learn how you got into this green hell and learning this is enough to make you want to quit!

Using real SIM survival techniques like building fires, camps and trapping animals, you will learn how to get by. You learn to make tools and weapons and source food. You also learn how to treat wounds and diseases.

You have to put up with harsh conditions and fight to survive each day. Players battle against the environment but also their own worst fears. A great cheat trainer is a free one from AllTrainersPC. This comes from the Yandex storage and provides 11 cheats. You get infinite health, energy, nutrition, fat, carbs, proteins, and no thirst. You also get infinite oxygen, super speed, and more.

Follow the instructions for downloading the cheat precisely. Look for the Green Hell Trainer 11 button. It is marked with an orange link. Avoid clicking the orange button. This will make sense to you when you get to the page.

Another recommended cheat for Green Hell is a premium download from CheatHappens. The cheats you get here include sanity, infinite health, energy, nutrition in the form of fats, carbs, and proteins. There are more in this cheat as well which you will see when going to download them. There is a place to report the cheats if they need more in terms of updates. You may be better off trying the first cheat that was suggested here to start with but be careful to download exactly as indicated.

This is a game that will push your sanity to the limit. But, it can also be a great game to test your survival skills. Play Green Hell with cheats for training today.

  • Perfect Sanity
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Energy
  • Infinite Nutrition Fat
  • Infinite Nutrition Carbo
  • Infinite Nutrition Proteins
  • No Thirst
  • Infinite Oxygen
  • Toggle Dev Hotkeys
  • Super Speed
  • Instant and Free Build
  • Infinite Item Durability
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