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Build your own powerful game trainers and develop your own cheats to use yourself or share with your friends!
Learn how to hack games with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

The Easiest Way To Create Your Own Cheats

Simple To Use

Get started with the CoSMOS beginner mode which starts you off with an easy-to-understand interface.

Cheat Training

We take you from absolutely beginner to game-hacking expert with easy-to-follow tutorials.

Share Your Cheats

After you've developed your cheats, you can easily share them with your friends or the community!

100% Free!

Don't pay a cent to download or use the CoSMOS cheating tool. You get access to the full suite of features!

Learn To Hack
Your Favorite Games

Don't know how to to make game cheats? Don't worry. Start off with the CoSMOS cheat creator 'Beginner Mode' that keeps the interface simple while you're still learning. Follow our step-by-step cheating video tutorials that will teach you how to make game cheats like unlimited health, hack your money, or speedhack!

Become A Skilled
Game Hacker

With the CoSMOS cheating software, you have all the features you could need at your disposal to create the same cheats you'll find in the most feature-rich game trainers. If you can't find a particular cheat feature you want, make it yourself! Develop your own trainers and share them with your friends, or the larger game-hacking community!

Create game cheats with this easy to use interface

The Best Cheating Tool Now 100% Free

Get access to one of the top tools for creating game cheats, completely free. You won't play a cent for either CoSMOS Beginner or Advanced mode, which rivals and beats many of the top game cheating tools in terms of features and ease of use. Adding to that, the professionally prepared tutorials will help take you from complete newbie, to game-hacking expert!

How To: Make Your Own Game Cheats

Want to learn to create your own game hacks? Maybe you want to learn how game hackers can create powerful game trainers that give you unlimited health, more credits, teleport or a wide variety of other game-changing features. Or maybe you just want to create game hacks for a favorite game that you can’t already find online.

Game hacking can be incredibly complex, as games can be made up of hundreds of thousands of lines of code running in an engine, with thousands of calculations happening every second. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. The CoSMOS cheating software makes it incredibly easy to learn how to hack in your favorite games, from a simple-to-use interface for beginners, to comprehensive tutorials that show you exactly how to create the game cheats you see in trainers on our site and elsewhere.
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After you create your account and download the CoSMOS hack software, you can start by following the demonstration videos listed on the CoSMOS download page. These tutorials will get you started by explaining the software and how to create some easy cheats, like unlimited health, or editing your in-game money.

cosmos free cheating software

When using the CoSMOS cheating software, you will be editing information like your health or money by scanning for these values in the game. The software makes it very easy to do this, and once you determine the correct value for something like health, it can be saved in a trainer ‘table’ interface. The cheat tutorials will teach you how to do this for multiple different values, from money to ammo and experience points, so you can build your own complete ‘cheat trainer’ inside of the software.

Another helpful feature of the CoSMOS software is the speed hack feature. This is a hack that you can start using right away and will put your game into super-speed mode. This can be quite helpful if you need to pass time in a game quickly and can be used in all sorts of different ways, depending on the game. You’re almost certain to find an occasional use for this feature.

Once you’ve watched the tutorials and understand the software, you can move over to the ‘Advanced’ mode. With this mode, you have access to the complete power of the software, with advanced features like ‘pointer scanning’ and a built-in debugger. Some of the advanced features even give CoSMOS an edge over the biggest game-hacking tools like Cheat Engine. And once you’ve created your cheats, it’s incredibly easy to share them with your friends, or the rest of the cheating community, so you can begin your journey to becoming a well-known game hacker!

Game Hacking Questions

How do I hack my own games?

You can also use the free CoSMOS software on this page to hack your own games. If you want to modify an existing game, you can easily do it with this custom cheat creator.

CoSMOS is designed to be easy for complete newbies to start using, with an 'easy' interface mode that hides any options you don't need when you're getting started. Easy-to-follow video tutorials teach you the basics so you can start designing your own cheats. Once you get more experienced you can start using the advanced mode to take advantage of all the game hacking features available.

What Is CoSMOS?

CoSMOS is a free, self-serve memory scanner and game-hacking tool that lets everyday users hack their own games. If there isn't currently an available cheat for a game, you can create these features for yourself, and even choose to share your cheats as a trainer with your friends or the larger cheating community.

What Is The Use Of Memory Addresses?

By finding and manipulating memory addresses, you can modify the values for things like your health, ammo, or money in a game. Learning to find the right addresses is a large part of learning how to create trainers.

Is It Legal To Make Cheats For A Game?

There isn't anything illegal about modifying the memory of a single-player game on your PC in order to create your own cheats.

As long you aren't making cheats for the multiplayer/online part of a game, you likely aren't even in any danger of being 'banned' from the game, since game developers don't really care what you do in single-player games.

Regardless, even if making cheats for a game's singleplayer was against the game's terms of service, that wouldn't make it illegal to do so.