E3: Hands On With Spacetime Studios Latest MMORPG Arcane Legends 

TouchGen sits down with the fine folks at Spacetime Studios to take a look at Arcane Legends.

Spacetime Studios has been busy. They recently launched their vampire based MMO called Dark Legends and they are already working diligently on the spiritual successor to Pocket Legends.

Arcane Legends, like Pocket Legends, is a fantasy based MMORPG. The major change to the formula is that this one is not nearly as cute as their previous fantasy entry. It’s not nearly as dark and gory as Dark Legends, but it does feature a little more blood and guts. The character design is a lot less happy and friendly as well.

One notable thing missing from the game is the energy mechanic that was added to Dark Legend. This addition pissed off a lot of fans, and it is awesome to see that the guys at Spacetime listened to the fans and is doing away with it going forward.

The game will have three classes, and they are your standard MMO class archetypes. You have the warrior, which plays like your standard tank. The rogue is your up close damage per second class and the sorcerer is magic based character. However, Spacetime said that you could spec your characters to break out those basic roles using their deep skill tree.

One good thing they are keeping from Dark Legends is the rage meter. This builds up as you attack the bad guys and allows you to unleash devastating attacks on the enemies when it is full.

Another thing that really impressed me is the optimization of their net code. They have actually tripled the amount of other players that can appear in an instanced area. This gives the game a much fuller feeling. It keeps the game feeling more like a traditional MMO and less like an instanced world.

The game will be free to play when it launches with in-app purchases. They were quick to point out that you could make it all the way through the game without spending a dollar, and that purchases are mainly for convenience and vanity.

This looks like a promising game from the leaders in iOS MMO gaming. Look for it on the App Store towards the end of summer.