Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 3 review 

Finally we can see the end of the adventure we embarked on about three months ago. In the third part in the Path of the Dragon trilogy we finally get to see some proper blood, and even an encounter with a vampire lord.

If you have been following the first two parts of the trilogy you most certainly know the gameplay mechanics by now. You walk around, and interact with red circles and red arrows. For the third part you also get a couple of occasions where you don’t have any visual cues, but have to work your way around using common knowledge. The touch controls are responsive, and it is quite easy to get the game to do what you want. There is not much to do though, and I really miss out on there being no way to combine items in your inventory.

The puzzles in the third part are generally harder than those found in the earlier parts. This is mainly due to a lot of content being left out of the game from the PC version. This means that some puzzles come with no build up, and you basically have no information to solve them with. Going through your inventory and documents the puzzles are solvable, but it turns into a dead slow pace. I would rather have had the entire game with all the puzzles, or even completely new puzzles instead of the odd hard puzzle that feels a bit out of context. Some parts of the story also feel slightly off as puzzles and content are missing.

If you have played, and enjoyed the first two parts you should definitely get this as well to find out what happens. The third part takes about an hour to complete, and that clocks the entire trilogy to around three hours. For me it is barely worth getting the complete game for $5 as there is little to no reason to replay it. Furthermore there is a lot of reused material for the three parts. To save bandwidth I hope that a complete game is released at a discounted price to make it worthwhile. If you haven’t embarked on the journey yet I don’t see a reason to get three different titles at a total of 1.2 GB instead of one at about 700 MB.