Dracula: The Path of The Dragon – Part 2 review 

Dead people, finally some dead people. I thought the first part in the trilogy Dracula: Path of The Dragon was a bit slow, and lacked both puzzles and scary parts. Now about a month and a half after the first part we get the second. It offers more content, and above all some scary moments. We get to continue as Father Moriani on his quest to find out more about a woman to be canonized as a saint. He is hot on the trail of Path of The Dragon, and is getting to know about vampires in the flesh.

The puzzles are still quite easy because of the fact that there are only a small number of points of interest that you are able to interact with. I found a couple of puzzles involving steps, and patterns that were a bit more involving.
The best aspect of the second part of the trilogy is that it oozes atmosphere. I found myself hooked, and sadly the game ends in a great cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the third and final part. The App Store description states that it takes 3-4 hours to complete the second part. To me it took less than an hour, but I only listened to parts of the speech. Worth noting is also that you have to hear the game to complete one of the early puzzles. For those hard of hearing this might be a problem, as well as for those playing in a public place without sound on.

Much of the second part plays out in the same small town as the first. Having played the first it is easy to find my way around. At times though I think it is a bit strange to divide the game into three parts as there is so much overlap between locations and characters. I would have preferred either a full game with all three parts at $4.99 or the first part free with DLC for the other parts. As it is now we have a situation where the second part is better than the first, but you need to play the first to get into the story properly.

Dracula: Path of The Dragon – Part 2 is a great looking, eerie sounding point and click adventure. It is playable without the first part, but I recommend you to go for all three parts to complete the story. Short gamelife and easy puzzles draw the final rating down, but it is definitely entertaining venturing into the Transylvanian night.