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What Do PC Trainers Do?

Cheats let you modify the features and gameplay of your favorite games. These software applications edit the game memory to change your gaming experience. These types of cheats are only designed for single-player games where cheating won't hurt anyone else's experience.

days gone trainer cheat features

It used to be that you could find cheat codes or button combinations that enabled cheats for your favorite games. Those are mostly a thing of the past however, with the rise of game achievements and systems designed to keep you playing a game for tens of hours even after you finished the main game content. PC trainers like those available through our trainer manager are the best way to get back to those cheats like godmode, no reload, infinite ammo, and many more fun features.

What Kind Of Cheats Are Possible?

Common features of PC trainers include giving you unlimited health, infinite ammo, modifying the amount of money or resources you have access to, or other more advanced features like modifying your character’s stats, changing game physics or time.

The types of features included in PC cheats depend on the genre of game. in FPS titles these cheats mostly make you invulnerable and give you infinite resources and items. In simulation games or example, trainer options will mostly affect the simulation and give you more resources to use.

Cheat Trainer For Days Gone

Why Use Game Trainers?

Using cheats let you modify your games and play them the way that you want. In some games you might find the difficulty too high and may want to lower it. Or you may get to a particularly annoying spot and want to get past it easily. If you’ve completed a game it can be fun to go back and play it with unlimited money to buy every item, or turn your character into a god and go on a rampage.

Get The Best Trainers For Your PC Games

We only recommend the very best game trainers that are packed with feature to make your gameplay experience the best that it can be. Our trainers are safe to use, are regularly updated so they’re working with the latest game versions, and are easy to use with instructions and easily configured controls!

Use our free trainer manager to search, download, and update your cheats with a single click.

Touchgen Trainer Manager Software

The Trainer Manager is a tool for managing all of your training needs. It's a quick and easy way to find the right trainer, without combing through our site and finding the right one.

The application works not only with Touchgen trainers, but also those from other trainer making groups and sites.

The Trainer Manager is a software program that has a built-in web browser. It makes it easy and fast for you to download, install, and update your favorite trainers.

Trainer Manager v2 Features Include:

  • Automatically organize your trainers into set folders.
  • Download and update new trainer versions in the background.
  • Support for adjusting window size and layout for convenience.
  • Supports high DPI monitors.
  • Light and dark interface modes.
  • Mini Trainer Manager mode for easy use and minimal screen real-estate usage.
  • Access to Discord and trainer support from within the app.
  • Support for addons, including updates and trainer queue.
  • Set custom cheat images and trainer names.
  • Import your GOG/Orign/Epic & Steam game list with a click.
  • Register for early access to new Trainer Manager versions.

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