Cheat Engine Review

Cheat Engine Review: The Best Game Hacking Tool?

We've all played games that occasionally, or even frequently, put us in positions where the odds are so stacked against us that it seems like victory is all but inconceivable. When you're playing board games, that's a really big issue. Unless you're playing Cosmic Encounter or Munchkin, then you don't have any option other than laying it all out on the line.

Things are different in the realm of video games, though, since nobody gets angry with you in single-player. Cheat codes and trainers have been around as long as video gaming has. One big problem is that not every game has them, and even among the ones that do, there might not be trainers or cheat codes to alter the particular aspects that you're hoping to change. Consider an instance of wanting to be able to see right through walls, but you can find a cheat designed to accomplish this. You can go online and grovel for one, but you might also feel inclined to handle it yourself.

Where To Download Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a fully free game hacking tool, so you won't have to pay to get access to it. We recommend that you download it from the official website, rather than getting it from a 3rd party website which might be bundling adware or other software along with it. Keep in mind that Cheat Engine's installer will now prompt you to install other software which you might not want, so be careful when clicking through the install options. Download Cheat Engine from the official website.

Download Cheat Engine From Official Website

Download Cheat Engine from the official website.

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What Exactly Is Cheat Engine Anyway?

Cheat Engine is also just called CE. The creator, Dark_Byte made this open, free software, and it's most frequently used to accomplish game cheating. Players can use their hex memory searcher and editor in order to modify the game's memory addresses. At the time of writing, it's the most popular piece of cheating software in use.

CE's open-source nature and ability to see modifications to suit the needs of the users has resulted in it enjoying serious influence over many online games, even if it doesn't work on a lot of them any longer. CE searches for user input values with numerous options, including 'Decreased Value' and 'Unknown Initial Value' scans.

Cheat Engine Interface

CE is even able to make standalone trainers, and these can function alone, even without CE. Cheat Engine also has the power to look at the disassembled memory of a game process, so it can make changes that provide user benefits like limitless health, endless time, or infinite ammo.

There are even a handful of Direct3D manipulation tools that let you zoom and out. With a bit of high-level configuration, CE can even move your computer mouse for you to fix a particular texture right into the middle of your screen. Users frequently employ this in order to come up with Aimbots.

Cheat Engine's Top Features:

  • Come up with personalized cheats to alter your video games.
  • Get access to your video game memories.
  • Tools for handling OpenGL and Direct3D are included.
  • Beginner users can follow an end-to-end tutorial.
  • Search the program's online resources to look for cheats already in use.
  • Capacity to debug ordinary apps other than games.
  • The fastest way of hacking a video game for memory editing experts.

How To Hack Your First Game With Cheat Engine

CE lets you scour the code of a game in order to identify and then remember precious variables, including things like weapon damage, life points, mana, gold, and much more. This won't be as simple as pressing one button though. You'll have to first get familiar with hexadecimals and the like. You can also follow the tutorial that comes included with CE.

In terms of the basics, you just start up the game you want to alter, and then observe the stat that you'd like to change, for example 'hitpoints'. You put that particular value into Cheat Engine before scanning all the code for it. If you discover multiples, then you can just scan again once the life point value undergoes a change. That can narrow down your search results based just on that particular change.

Once you are able to the address you're looking for, just add it to your cheat list. After that, the only thing you have to do is make manual modifications to that value. Then, your life points follow suit. Follow our Cheat Engine tutorial for an easy to follow guide.

Messing Around In Game Memory

One thing you really need to know about CE is that this particular tool is not easy to use. You're not able to just install it and then immediately start making cheats for endless money and life, much less running or flying over the enemies trying to vanquish you.

In short, since the process involves coming up with customized cheats, this piece of software searches thought the game memory process for any potential values that are associated with your preferred cheats so you can make the modifications that you want to have. In order to accomplish that, a memory scanner is included.

However, if you'd like to learn just how you can come up with your own hacks and cheats, CE has comprehensive tutorials that are easy for beginners to follow.

The cheat list is known as the Address List, and it lets you come up with different names for addresses, which means you can quickly and simply see the particular ones that you are hunting for. Just remember to save after you do this. CE comes up with a table file which you can load each time you come back and want those cheats to be active. We cover how to use cheat tables in more detail.

In truth, you're not likely going to be free to come up with any old cheat you want. The sad reason for that is that CE isn't compatible with some newer games. Also, older games need to continue running in the background when their window is not currently active. Or, at a minimum, they need to support running in a windowed mode. However, if your game matches these requirements and offers this, then you'll have an easier time opening up the doors to game hacking.

Cheat Engine Cheat Table

Use cheat tables to create your own trainers!

Why Hack Your Favorite Games?

Beam yourself from one point to the next, leap over buildings, get around map restrictions, access infinite ammo, skyrocket your health... Only you can know what it is you require to get to that next level. It's never been easier than it is now to top the high scores of the video games that you love. Just don't get carried away with it, otherwise, you're going to turn your beloved games into trivial affairs.

Whatever you like to spend your free time playing, be it Assassin's Creed, Dark Souls 3, or FIFA, you can enjoy the game from start to finish without any of the impossible parts bringing your adventures to a halt.

Our Cheat Engine Conclusion

CE is a robust tool, and for more than just cheating. If you want, you can debug your game, or you can set yourself up for even harder obstacles. Either way, if you do any PC gaming whatsoever, then it's worth looking into which particular stats you might be able to alter.

Pros & Cons

  • The comprehensive tutorial is a must for newer users.
  • A simple program to use.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Built-in speedhack which works out of the box.
  • Much more complicated than CoSMOS.
  • It won't work on all single-player titles.
  • Searching for the right address can take time.
  • Learning to make cheat features beyond the basics can take a lot of time.

Too Much Work? Download Ready To Use Trainers!

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Our Recommend Trainers: CheatHappens

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CheatHappens Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: Over 26,000 trainers available.
  • Features: Many trainers have up to 30+ cheat features.
  • Ease Of Use: Trainer Manager with 1-click downloading/updating.
  • Updates: Average of 10 updates or new trainers daily.
  • Support: Individual game boards for trainer support.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Included (make your own cheats).
  • VR Support: Cheats for VR games..