How To Use Cheat Engine

All About .CT Files (Cheat Tables)

Cheat tables are a type of script that alters the way a PC game functions. They're often referred to as cheat trainers or cheating tools. To use cheat tables, you'll need to use the Cheat Engine program. Read our review on it here.

Cheat Engine Interface

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How To: Use Cheat Tables (.CT files)


Start by unpacking/unzipping the .ct file if required.


Make sure Cheat Engine is installed on your device. If you don't have it downloaded yet, check our cheat engine review page for the link.


To open the .CT file, click it twice.


Once Cheat Engine is opened, select the PC icon and choose the game process. In some cases, this step might not be required. Lua scripts can automatically assign a process.


Don't alter the address list or the features may break and not work.


Set values of 0 or 1 or check the appropriate boxes so that trainer options can be activated.


To change pointers, click twice to alter the values. To freeze them, simply select and check the box that's associated with them.


That's all it takes to activate your cheats!

If Cheat Tables doesn't work for you, you might be wondering what your next step should be.

It's possible that the issue was created by a game update that you installed. It takes time to create a cheat table, and the majority of people coding these tables are doing this for free. You can't assume that you'll be able to find a Cheat Table for an updated version of your game.

As a rule of thumb, avoid updating your game if you know you're going to be playing with cheat trainers. Cheat tables are usually designed for the launch version of a game. Only the most popular titles get tables for updated versions.

With that said, this rule doesn't always apply. Some trainers are built around "Array of Bytes" scans. These types of trainers don't require the memory structure to be exact. These scripts are more complex and can typically find values for cheats even for games that have been updated. If you have the option of downloading AoB scripts, you should do so. That way, you'll be able to play with cheats and still update your game. We recommend Fearless Revolution for cheat table downlaods.

Making Cheat Tables Yourself

It's possible to create cheat trainers for games on your own. With that said, if you're new to coding, you might find this process to be very challenging. If you're just getting started with Cheat Engine, you can learn to make basic changes in game, like increasing your health, mana, or credits. Check out our Cheat Engine tutorial to learn how to start creating your own cheats.

Download Ready To Go Cheat Trainers

Don't want to mess around with cheat engine tables and needing to get updated tables to keep your cheats working when your games update? CheatHappens is a trainer provider who has a team dedicated to creating cheats for singleplayer games. Best of all, their cheats are packed with features and typically have more options than any other tables or cheats you can find online.

Our Recommend Trainers: CheatHappens

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CheatHappens Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: Over 26,000 trainers available.
  • Features: Many trainers have up to 30+ cheat features.
  • Ease Of Use: Trainer Manager with 1-click downloading/updating.
  • Updates: Average of 10 updates or new trainers daily.
  • Support: Individual game boards for trainer support.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Included (make your own cheats).
  • VR Support: Cheats for VR games..