CDN Macro Lens iPhone 5/5S case review 

macroThere is so much stuff I really don’t want to see, but with the Macro Lens case, I have to. What is that weird hair on my earphone, is it mine?

CDN stands for Create – Design – Novelty, and as usual, you can find their cases alongside a whole lot of special designs at Actually, the novelty might be a bit misleading in this case, as the Macro Lens case is far from a novelty item. It is actually quite useful if you want to take zoomed in macro images.

The case itself is a slider case with a large TPU back piece that you insert the phone into.  This covers the entire back, and sides providing good protection. A hard polycarbonate shell is slid into place from the top. This includes covers for the volume and silent buttons. It also includes the macro lens.

For protection, the case offers a good amount of both impact, and scratch resistance. The grip is enhanced at the bottom with the rubberized TPU that has some grooves to hold onto. Furthermore, it comes with a screen film protector and a lanyard. There is a lanyard hole on the top left side, and this is a great feature to have if you get too carried away while you are shooting close-ups of ladybugs.

The case has a slightly cheap look, and feel to it. This is perhaps the only major negative point to it, and it is a shame as it brings a terrific feature with the macro lens. One thing that is worth to take note of is the fact that the lens protrudes on the back making it wobbly to put the phone on a table.

Using the camera with the macro lens is easy. You just slide it in place in front of the camera. Once in place, you get a 5x optical zoom, and you can go much closer to objects when taking images. The clarity is great up to 1 centimeter before it goes blurry. This is, however, a major difference compared to the naked camera on the iPhone 5 and 5S. I have taken a couple of comparison images showcasing the naked iPhone 5S camera to the left, and with the macro lens to the right. As you can see there is a significant difference. I have moved the camera, as close as I could before it starts to blur.

If you love to take images of bugs, flowers or other small objects this is a great investment. For tech geeks, it is perfect when taking images of small techy stuff. It is just sad that the case itself couldn’t feel more high-end.