Brunswick Leather Pouch iPhone 5/5S review 

brunA luxury case where the one distinguishing feature is that it makes your iPhone feel like a Galaxy S3 in your pocket is not what I expected.

Proporta is absolutely awesome at teaming up with fashion designers, cool brands and known names. Brunswick England is one of these collaborative surfaces, and there are quite a few leather cases featuring the brand. This review is for the iPhone 5/5S/5C pouch that is available in a number of colors, but I have a black one with white edges on trial.

The packaging is pure quality, and you even get the name of the person who has checked the pouch for quality insurance. It is definitely neat, and the expectation it brings is massive. Sadly the pouch itself isn’t as top-notch when it comes to the actual design.

First I have to mention the size, and shape of the pouch. It has a massive width with rounded corners at the bottom. When I have it in my pocket it feels just like having a Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides that rather strange sensations, this also means it is bulky and doesn’t conform if you have made iPhone-shaped patterns on your trousers. Laying a snug pouch on top of the Brunswick England shows that it is about 1,5 centimeters wider. It does, however, stop a fall better than the average pouch, and if you want your pouch to be extra protective this might be a good thing.

The look, and feel of the pouch are ok when you get past the unfortunate Galaxy S3 shape. The leather used is more glossy than soft and feels just like a leather wallet. The quality of the leather isn’t the best, and the borders are heavily painted. I am not too sure about durability either, as I managed to get a tear around the hole for the pull-strap by accidentally pulling it the wrong direction. There should have been a seam line around the edges of the hole.

What is good about it is that the pull-strap is great, and retracts to the starting point where a magnet holds it in place. Furthermore, the lining makes sure that the screen is free of smudges, and fingerprints when it emerges from it.

There are no holes for the speakers, or any other holes at all for that matter to be found. This means that you will have a hard time hearing the phone inside the pouch. To use it with headphones or charger you have to insert the phone top first.

The Brunswick England pouch doesn’t live up to the expectations set by the name, or the exquisite packaging. It is too wide, and a bit generic in the design department. I can only recommend it to those who want a pouch that can take a proper tumble without having the phone inside damaged.