How To Use Cheat Engine

What Is WeMod?

WeMod offers cheats for many popular games, through their cheating application. These cheats are trainers, which you can use to enable cheats in the supported game, even though the game may have any cheats built-in.

All of WeMod's cheats are available through their WeMod PC application, which requires a WeMod account to access it. When you are logged in, you can activate the cheats in your game, and use keyboard shortcuts to control the features. If you want to use the WeMod application to change the settings using your mouse, you'll have to pay for the annual 'Pro' membership. Is it worth it? Read our Wemod review.

WeMod has many thousands of users, and since the app is free to download and use it has accumulated quite a large number of members and reviews. They offer the 'Pro' membership as an upgrade for users who want more convenience in their cheating experience.

WeMod App Features

The WeMod app lets you enable cheats in any game they support. When you run a game that the app detects, then you can start enabling cheats in the game. The app is designed to scan your game libraries to detect games that they support.

From the interface, you can see all the features for a particular game. If you don't have a Pro membership, you'll have to use the listed shortcut keys to control the cheats. This can be a bit annoying for cheats that have variables since it's not easy to precisely control the number with shortcut keys. The mouse is much more convenient for this but requires the 'Pro' membership.

There's also a mobile app you can use to control your cheats when playing, but you guessed it, that also requires the Pro membership. You can try Wemod pro for free.

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Wemod Virus? Is WeMod Safe To Use?

This is what WeMod has to say if your anti-virus detects the WeMod application as a virus:

WeMod is not a virus. We are supported by our Pro members and do not have any reason to distribute malware. Any detection by your antivirus is a false-positive.

A false-positive may happen due to the type of protection that the application uses to prevent reverse-engineering of the executable, as well as the type of behavior that the application exhibits. Since the Wemod app has to modify the memory of running game processes, this may make it look more like a virus or malware to your anti-virus software.

Another practice that WeMod uses is scanning your PC for games that they support. Some people are uncomfortable with this because they aren't sure what data the software may be gathering.

At some point you will have to take the WeMod developers at their word that their software is safe to use. There is no way for you to be 100% certain unless the software was completely open-source and can be verified by someone going through the code by hand.

Generally, WeMod is used by a large number of people and has a fairly high rating on Trustpilot so at this point it seems it's generally safe to have running on your PC.

cheathappens trainer manager software

The Top Alternative Trainers To WeMod

  • Our favorite cheat provider is CheatHappens. They boast over 27,000+ trainers, offer a lifetime membership, and generally offer more cheat features than the competition.
  • GameCopyWorld is one of the 'OG' trainer sites and probably hasn't changed their design in a decade. People still upload trainers here, however.
  • FearlessRevolution is the best place to go for Cheat Engine tables. Sometimes the tables you'll find here are very good, it depends on who is making them

We highly recommend CheatHappens as the best alternative to WeMod. They have a ton of trainers available, and it's easy to manage all your trainers with their free trainer manager. This all-in-one app lets you find, download, and update your trainers with just a click or two.

Who Offers The Most Game Trainers?

cheathappens trainer website

If you're looking for one site for all your trainer needs, CheatHappens has the largest library of updated and safe-to-use trainers, with over 27,000+ available on their site. They typically update an average of around 10+ trainers every single day, and their developers have been dedicated to releasing a game trainer on the same day of a game release, so by the time you have finished downloading the game, there may already be a cheat available.

Our Top Reasons For Recommending CheatHappens:

  • The most trainers, over 27,000+
  • Easy searching, downloading, and updating through their trainer manager software
  • Easy to use interface, use your mouse or keyboard to control the cheats
  • They seem to include more features than the competition on average
  • An average of 10+ daily updates or new trainers released
  • Support for VR games
  • Instructions included with every trainer
  • Lifetime membership available
  • Support board for every trainer

What Are Trainers?

Cheat trainers are programs that run alongside the game and give you god-like powers to alter aspects of the game. This includes things like being able to spawn items, give yourself an unlimited energy/ammo/health bar, or make yourself invincible.

Trainers are a great way to get more fun out of your game without having to cheat directly by editing files or modifying the game memory yourself, like using Cheat Engine.

Our Recommend Trainers: CheatHappens

cheathappens trainer website

CheatHappens Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: Over 26,000 trainers available.
  • Features: Many trainers have up to 30+ cheat features.
  • Ease Of Use: Trainer Manager with 1-click downloading/updating.
  • Updates: Average of 10 updates or new trainers daily.
  • Support: Individual game boards for trainer support.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Included (make your own cheats).
  • VR Support: Cheats for VR games..