Best PC Game Trainer Services Reviewed

Top 3: Best Game Trainer Websites Review

When you want to cheat in a game to play in a different way, whether it's to get through a difficult part, disable an annoying game mechanic, or just feel powerful and power up your character, you want to have easy access to the most powerful cheats and features to modify the game as you see fit.

Not all game trainers are created equal, as they all have different developers, and a variety of different features. You don't want to be limited to a cheat with 5 features when there is one with 24 options built in.

Furthermore, if it takes 30 minutes to find a trainer online that's compatible with your version of the game that's a lot of time wasted. You don't want your PC to get infected from downloading some random file that has a virus included, so it's best to get your cheats from a trusted source. That's why we put together our reviewm of the top trainer websites for cheating in PC games.

The Top Trainer Services


cheathappens trainer website

CheatHappens Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: Over 26,000 trainers available.
  • Features: Many trainers have up to 30+ cheat features.
  • Ease Of Use: Trainer Manager with 1-click downloading/updating.
  • Updates: Average of 10 updates or new trainers daily.
  • Support: Individual game boards for trainer support.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Included (make your own cheats).
  • VR Support: Cheats for VR games..

First on our list is a site you should have heard about before. CheatHappens has been around for 15 years and is well known as one of the best trainer providers on the internet. Most members have nothing but good things to say about the site as they deliver feature packed cheats for just about every game out there.

We love how many features they include in their trainers, almost always more than the competition. Often they include more advanced features that others don't, like teleporting to a saved position, or making edits to your character.

Besides having a long history in the PC cheating community, CheatHappens is also a pioneer in the cheating space, being one of the first to launch a trainer manager software program that makes it easy to update and download new trainers securely with a single click. No more looking around on the internet for a download that isn't shady. Furthermore, they've added support for VR games, which means if you don't already have a VR headset, this will be something you can take advantage of in the future.

#2. Plitch

pltich trainer website

Plitch Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: 2,000+ Trainers Available.
  • Features: Average of 10-20 cheats per trainer.
  • Ease of Use: 'MegaTrainer' allows for loading of cheats.
  • Updates: Average of one new trainer added a day.
  • Support: Feedback area for each trainer supported.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Not Included.
  • VR Support: Not Included.

A newer trainer provider, Plitch which was formerly known MegaDev has made some good strides at becoming a go-to for trainers, with their own 'MegaTrainer' software that handles cheats for all the titles they support. They have support for over 2,000 titles, which is fairly good, though they are sometimes a bit slower to support new titles when a bunch of games release all at once.

Their cheats boast a good number of features, sometimes up to 30 or more but generally lower than this. One thing that sets them apart in this area is that they offer features which can make games harder, so their trainers are good for people who might want an extra challenge in some games.

In terms of pricing they offer a number of different tiers of membership which include access to different trainer features. If you want access to every feature, you'll need a 'Gold Membership' which is the most expensive, while they also offer lower tiers such as Bronze and Silver, with the lowest starting at $25 USD.

#3. WeMod

Wemod Trainer Website

WeMod Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: 1500+ Trainers Available.
  • Features: Average of 15 cheats per trainer.
  • Ease of Use: App allows for game scanning & loading of cheats.
  • Updates: Average of 3 trainer updates or new trainers daily.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Not Included.
  • VR Support: Not Included.

WeMod has quickly become a popular site for trainers, making deals with trainer developers like MrAntiFun to exclusively host his trainers on their platform. We have to give WeMod credit for creating a safe website to download trainers, which used to, and still can be the 'wild west' in terms of risky downloads.

This trainer provider makes their cheats available through a software application which will scan your computer to find your games, and detect when your game is running to enable your cheats. We have some privacy concerns about this, but it is a very convenient solution. Trainers are developed by a number of different developers, including MrAntiFun, STN, STiNGERR and others. The number of features included tend to depend on the popularity of the game, with some of the most popular titles boasting 30+ features, but most having 10-15 on average.

Our main concern with this site is the smaller library than other top cheat providers. It's always frustrating when you want a cheat for a game but can't find one, and they have a way to go to really fill out their catalog and make sure they are supporting all the latest games at release.

WeMod offers a $5 'Pro' monthly membership to their service, which seems cheap but will add up over the course of a year or longer. It includes some perks like a mobile app for activating your cheats, as well as some community perks like animated profile pictures, no ads, and a point multiplier for the points you can earn on WeMod to use for feature requests and such.

Our Conclusion

Our top three picks for trainers are all a decent value and offer some quality cheats. You won't have to worry about infecting your PC by using any of these trainers, as they are all well trusted and respected, and don't allow for third parties to post trainers on their sites unlike some community based sites (Such as GameCopyWorld which we would not recommend).

There's not much reason to be using file sharing sites, youtube or google to try to find trainers nowadays with options like these. And while they may require a membership for full access, they're also much easier to use, safer, and usually boast more features than free options. 

We recommend CheatHappens as our top pick due to their incredibly feature-rich trainers often boasting 20+ features, and their massive library of supported games which makes it much more likely that they'll have a trainer for any game you happen to be playing. Their team is great about adding cheats for new games as well as keeping titles updated and working with the latest game versions.

CheatHappens Earned Our  #1 Trainer Recommendation.  Read Our Comprehensive Review Here.