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One of the consistently most popular multiplayer shooters on PC is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since the originial Counter-Strike came out, this series has been a PC main-stay that tens of thousands of people enjoy on a daily basis. But CS:GO is also a very difficult game with a high skill ceiling, where opponents with tens of thousands of hours in the game can absolutely demolish new players. One way to level the playing field is with CS: GO cheats.

What cheats exist for Counter Strike: GO?

When we talk about hacks for the game, we aren’t talking about the SV_Cheats console commands that you can enter in game to disable clipping or enable god mode. These are actual software programs that modify the memory of the game to give you an advantage in multiplayer matches.

The most common cheats for the game are wallhacks, and aimbots. These are the primary cheats that you’ll come up against others using, and absolutely destroying you with.

Aimbots – This automatically aims your weapon at an opponent, making it easy to get a kill just by clicking to fire. Some cheats even include an auto fire feature which basically turns you into a robot, automatically aiming and firing at anyone in view. That’s a quick way to get reported or kicked from your current server, so we recommend playing a little more carefully.

Wallhacks/ESP – These features let you see the locations of opponents on matter where they are on the map, through walls and objects, and even through a flashbang or smoke. This gives you the constant tactical advantage so you can respond to your opponent’s movements as they make them and make sure you don’t find yourself caught out of position.

Is it safe to hack CS:GO?

If you use private CS cheats that aren’t frequently detected, and are careful how you play, it can be fairly safe to cheat in the game. You have to be aware that you could be banned at any time and lose your account, so don’t cheat if you aren’t willing to take that risk.

Software detections can happen, when the game’s anti-cheat, VAC, is updated to detect a cheat. Public cheats are frequently detected as they are easily found by the anti-cheat developers and used by hundreds or thousands of people. Private cheats usually have better security against detection and are rarely detected.

You can also be banned via the ‘Overwatch’ system in CS:GO. If you are reported by other players in matches, your gameplay can be reviewed by other players, and if it’s obvious that you’re cheating, this can result in a ban. To counteract this, you can use ‘legit’ settings when cheating that don’t make it obvious that you’re using a hack or aimbot. It’s up to you to play smartly in order to avoid a potential ban.

What’s The Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hack?

If you’re looking to cheat in CS:GO, we’d highly recommend a private cheat, which are generally much safer to use, boast more features and are kept updated for the latest game versions. We aren’t experts at multi-player cheats (we stick to single-player), so we’d recommend a site that’s well known for their cheating expertise, Wallhax. Their CSGO Hacks article covers many areas of hacking the game as well as where you can find cheats.

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