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Modify your game features in Astroneer with this cheat software.
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Customize every game hacking feature of our Astroneer Trainer from the premium Touchgen interface. Easy toggle features like ‘Unlimited Health’, and ‘Unlimited Ammo’ from the easy-to-use mouse interface or use hotkeys while in the game to quickly enable and disable your features. Enable controller shortcuts if you’re using a gamepad! Your trainer includes instructions built in on every feature and can be updated with a single click from the free Touchgen trainer manager.

  • Infinite Oxygen
  • Unlimited Battery
  • Infinite Health
  • Super Speed
  • Unlimited Bytes
  • Easy Resource Gathering
  • Toggle Creative Mode

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Astroneer Trainer

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Enhance Your Space Exploration With The Astroneer Cheat Trainer

Anyone who wants to be an interstellar explorer will enjoy the game Astroneer. In the game, players take the role of an astronaut known as an astroneer who colonizes planets, mining them for resources that can be used to make items that make exploration easier. There really is no set story or goal, so players can play the game endlessly while experiencing new planets. The game can be adjusted by using the Astroneer Cheat Trainer, which enhances the astronaut's abilities.

The astroneer uses oxygen much like a real astronaut. Every time the astroneer does anything, oxygen is used, making it a vital resource for the astroneer. Without oxygen, the astroneer takes damage and eventually will suffocate. There are multiple ways to get oxygen in the game, but it would be better to simply have an endless supply of oxygen. The unlimited oxygen option in the trainer provides this, allowing to player to explore longer distances without worrying about finding an oxygen source.

Unlimited Currency Hack

There is a virtual currency in the game called bytes. They're used to get new schematics, which are used to create new items, structures, and vehicles. Bytes can normally be obtained in the game by collecting harvestable items, or by researching objects. There may be certain items that a player wants to create, but they don't have enough bytes to pay for the schematics yet. The unlimited bytes cheat in the trainer gives the player an endless source of the currency so they can get whatever they want.

astroneer cheat screenshot

Anything that needs to be created in the game is done with resources. These are materials sometimes occur naturally on the planets, and if they can't be found, then they must be discovered or traded. Getting the right resources to build a specific item can be long and tedious, especially when hunting for rare resources, but there's a way around this. The unlimited resources cheat in the trainer gives player access to any resource they want, regardless of how rare it is.

The planets in the game can be pretty big, which means a lot of time will be spent moving across them. While vehicles can be built in the game that move faster than the astroneer does on foot, they require resources and schematics to make, and if the player has few of either, then they'll have to explore before they can build anything. To make walking across the planet's surface quicker, the super speed cheat can be activated.

Get Around Fast With The Super Speed Hack

The planets in the game can be pretty crazy at times, and can cause harm to the astroneer. The astroneer can take damage from falling or hazards in the game. These hazards can range from storms to hostile plants and animals. A normal player would have to watch out for these hazards and heal their astroneer after taking damage. Intense situations may arise where the player may not be able to overcome the damage and the astroneer will die. By using the super health cheat, the player reaches a state of invincibility and can take any damage.

Exploration is easier than before with the Astroneer Cheat Trainer. The enhancements to the astroneer makes it possible to uncover the many secrets of the planets of the game.

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