MrAntiFun Trainers: Are They Safe? (2024)

Where can MrAntiFun trainers be downloaded? Read on.

Who Is MrAntiFun?

MrAntiFun is a well known trainer developer who releases free trainers for many popular PC titles. He has built a reputation for creating high quality trainers with the features that gamers are looking for, and deserves a lot of credit for spending his time to make trainers which he gives away for free. Up until recently, all of his trainers were available for download on the MrAntiFun website, but no more. For another site that offers free trainers, see our GameCopyWorld review.

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A Comprehensive Review For 2024.

MrAntiFun Trainers Are No Longer Available To Download Online

MrAntiFun no longer offers his trainers through his website for download. Instead, he has an agreement to exclusively offer his trainers through WeMod, a trainer website which requires you to download their software to use any cheats. Their software will scan your PC files to detect games that they offer cheats for, which is both convenient but also questionable in terms of privacy. This means you can't just download MrAntiFun's trainers from his website and run the one for the particular game you want to play.

WeMod (see our WeMod review) further complicates things by having a points system to request features or updates. This means that you have to earn points and then spend them if you want to request a particular game be updated. This can mean that a game you love but otherwise isn't as popular may not get an update in favor of a larger game that other users are spending points on to request updates for.

Are MrAntiFun's Trainers Safe To Use?

You won't be able to download MrAntiFun's new trainers from his website or anywhere else online anymore, so if you do want to use his new cheats, you'll have to use WeMod (read our WeMod review first). In terms of security, this is a legitimate website where you won't have to worry about getting a virus on your PC or having some malware installed from using a cheat. That said, we still have some concerns regarding the fact that the Wemod software is scanning your PC and doing who-knows-what with that data. 

Our #1 Recommended Trainer Website

If you're looking for a website that will give you access to trainers for just about any game you can think of, look no further than CheatHappens. They've been offering trainers for over 15 years and generally offer more features in their trainers than any other site. That means more cheats and options to use when playing to fully customize your gameplay experience. They're also great about updating their cheats so they stay working after a game releases a new version, and they support just about every new game that releases, before the competition. Read our CheatHappens review to learn more!

cheathappens trainer website

CheatHappens Features At A Glance

  • Cheats: Over 26,000 trainers available.
  • Features: Many trainers have up to 30+ cheat features.
  • Ease Of Use: Trainer Manager with 1-click downloading/updating.
  • Updates: Average of 10 updates or new trainers daily.
  • Support: Individual game boards for trainer support.
  • Game Hacking Tool: Included (make your own cheats).
  • VR Support: Cheats for VR games..