About Us 

At Touchgen we’re sharing the top singleplayer PC gaming trainers with the world. Ever since games stopped including cheat codes and trainers were created, there have been many issues with game cheating that have arisen that we’re working to solve. Rather than having to scour the web for updated trainers for your game, we’re offering an all-in-one solution for gaming cheating, with singleplayer trainers for tens of thousands of PC games, new and old. Our recommended cheat provider creates 2000+ exclusive trainers every year, ensuring that there’s a fantastic hacking tool for every new title you want to play.

Always Updated Cheating Software

Never worry about having to look for a new trainer for your game due to a game update. We’ve all been there, the trainer you used before no longer works after a game patch, and the author hasn’t updated it. Now you’re out of luck and have to find another trainer with comparable features. With trainers found at Touchgen, they’re always updated for new game versions, and often even have features added, ensuring you always have access to your cheats.

trainer manager character

Feature Rich Game Hacking

Get more cheat features than with other comparable trainers. Our trainers often have 15+ or 20+ features, some even including character editors depending on the game. And that’s not all. With an easy to use menu that you can navigate with the mouse and even rebind keys, it’s incredibly easy to start using these trainers. You don’t have to worry about different UIs or complicated menus.

Always Safe To Use

Don’t risk infecting your computer with random free trainers you find online. You never know if you’re getting a safe cheat tool, or about to install a virus. All of the trainers we highlight are from one trusted provider, where your account will get you access to all the trainers you could possibly need. You’ll never need to look elsewhere for a trainer ever again!