Zyrx review

Zyrx is a true challenge to the grey slimy blob you have located between your ears. It is a memory recognition test where you have to replicate a pattern only seen a short second. There are 16 dots in a four by four grid, and you have to replicate the same pattern shown in the top left corner.

The controls are all touch based, and works well as the dots are quite large on screen. If you press the correct dot it turns white, and black if it is the wrong one. You have a life bar showing how many misses there are left until your game is over.

img_0068The challenge comes from harder and harder patterns to remember, as well as new dots that require you to press twice to turn them pink. To aid your aching brain you have four peeks that you can use at your own will to get an extra peek at the pattern.

Graphics and presentation is ok, although I feel that it is a bit sloppy having the status bar visible when playing. There is only the odd sound effect available, and thankfully the game lets you play your own music instead.

Zyrx is quite a fun although very limited game. There is only one mode available, and that would have been fine if there had been a high score list or anything to achieve. Now all you have is your own pride to know what scores, and what levels you have reached.

I think Zyrx has got a nice foundation, but it really needs to be fleshed out with achievements, unlockables and online leader boards. It needs to become addictive, and add a bit of competition versus others to be really interesting. As


a brain training tool it is good, but it is severely lacking as a game. At $1.99 I can’t really recommend version 1.0 of Zyrx.

Final Rating


Zyrx $1.99

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  • Pietro

    I got this game and I think it’s actually quite nice. Very relaxing and very enjoyable. The leaderboard would be a nice addition indeed, but I think this is better than only 2-stars. Perhaps it’s not for everyone.