ZombieSmash review

If we consider that Smashing stuff is fun. And we think that killing zombies is hilarious. Then smashing zombies must be a great thing to do. And yes it is, and with the brilliant execution of ZombieSmash it becomes some of the best way to spend your time.

ZombieSmash is a barricade defence game sharing the game mechanic with games such as Knights Onrush and Defend Your Castle. Defend your shack against incoming zombies of all sorts. You do this by flinging them in the air, shaking them, and smashing their brains hard to the floor. img_0763The inclusion of big ass zombie dudes that you can’t pick up gives the gameplay some new elements. Powerups show up, and you get to use the area effect dropped objects such as anvils, mines and rocks. Grenades let you grab a grenade, and toss it at the zombies. Direct damage guns let you shoot from your shack, and lets you aim by holding your finger on the shack. This helps in killing the big ones. You can also start a fire that lets you throw zombies into the flames of the chimney for instant kills. Liquid nitrogen lets you freeze, and implode them. Oh man there are so many ways to abuse these poor undead creatures.

img_0728The controls work really well, even when it gets really hectic. Flinging some zombies, while simultaneously firing an Uzi is so much fun. The Campaign mode lets you do your best to survive a month against the invading horde on two levels of difficulty. Weapons can be upgraded  between levels, and you can buy more slots to store weapons during a level. This gives the game some strategy as well. The endless mode is what is sounds like, and the level of intensity it reaches is unprecedented in a barricade defence game. A sandbox mode lets you just goof around smashing zombies to heart’s desire.

The presentation is hilarious, and by that mean fun and humorous in a good way. The last zombie you kill for a level gets zoomed in, and you can see it twisting in pain. These moments can be saved, and shared by means of the integrated Crystal service. Zombies have quite a lot of detail, great ragdoll animations and bleed convincingly. There is even a patented splatterengine called SplatterEngine™ providing the blood. Funny details like that further enhances the comedy aspect of the game.

img_0712The music by Chris Hülsbeck is suitable to the gameplay, and the sound effects are spot on. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects if that is what you fancy.

At $0.99 ZombieSmash offers a lot of fun for your money. With funny animations, sounds and weapons the game excels in sheer bloodsoaked mayhem. If you are a fan of flinging beings to their death you should definitely pick this one up. It works as both a casual flinger, and a hardcore to the teeth survival game. Hahaha, if I were to become zombiefied I would definitely want to spend my last moments flying through the air in ZombieSmash.

Final Rating


ZombieSmash $0.99 ZombieSmash
Version: 1.02
Seller: gamedoctors UG

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