Zombies vs. Sheep review

Now then this is one of those games where I really want to know how the developers came up with the ideas. Zombies are evil and we generally enjoy killing them that is one thing we all can agree on. But sheep, where the heck does sheep enter the equation? And Mexican music makes no sense either unless you draw some parallels to the swine flu. And sheep is not our best defense in the fight against neither flu nor zombies.

img_0739In Zombies vs. Sheep you actually get to control a sheep as the protagonist of the game. The game is played in portrait mode with your sheep wandering at the bottom of the screen. You have to tap enemies, and reload by either shaking the iPhone or touching the ammo counter at the top of the screen. Your sheep is controlled by tilt, and you have to collect coins dropped by dead baddies as well as avoiding enemies.

The game is basically a shooting gallery game with a lot of personality. Not really a nice personality, rather like the quirky uncle nobody wants to talk to yet everyone want to know the gossip about. The game gets hectic quickly, and to your aid you have an upgrade shop. You can upgrade the speed of your sheep, health and ammo per reload.

Zombies vs. Sheep is a high score survival game that lets you share your scores by means of OpenFeint. The 10 levels feature three boss battles, and as you progress you also get better weapons to defend your sheep.

Zombies vs. Sheep is a simple but really fun casual arcade game definitely worth the $0.99 introduction price.

img_0740Presentation and graphics

Smooth flow no matter how many enemies that clutter the screen. I like the cardboard cut-out graphics, and all the silly little details the game feature.


The music will drive you bonkers, and that is a good thing as this is a bonkers game. Mariachi music, sheep, zombies and guns. It fades out your own music.

Game play

The controls work, and I really like the fact that you can reload by touch instead of shaking all the time. Zombies vs. Sheep features fun, but simple gameplay that we have seen before but maybe without the sheep then.

img_0738Game life

The simple gameplay might make this a short experience for some, especially for those wanting more than a high score chaser. OpenFeint gives access to global leaderboards, a variety of achievements, and a community of gamers. I think more humour could have been injected to prolong gamelife further; I feel it doesn’t really push the sheep vs. zombie aspect enough.

Final rating

Zombies vs. Sheep is a fun shooting gallery game worth a dollar of fun. Highlights are the controls, music and quickly ramping difficulty.

Zombies vs. Sheep $0.99 Introductory sale

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    It looks ok