Zombies and Me review

A short and to the point game requires a short and to the point review. Zombies and Me is the first game from EA-funded, indie developers, 8lb Gorilla (does that make them indie anymore?). Their philosophy is to create cheap and simple gaming experiences every month.

So how does Z&M stack up? Well it’s cheap at $0.99, so that’s one tick. On the gameplay front you play as a human who’s home has become overrun with Zombies out for his flesh. The military have taken to dropping bombs to clear the area, and you take it upon yourself to help shepherd the Zombies into the blast zones. To do this you must drag your little fella around the screen using your finger, you can also tap in the area you want him to move to. Zombies will follow you, so you must head for the target areas. These targets appear randomly and decrease in size to warn you that the bomb will hit any moment. Any zombies that are in that area as the bomb hits are blown to bits. The skill is to survive not only the Zombies themselves, by shaking or tapping the screen when attacked, but to ensure you are not caught in the blast zone. Should that happen you are killed right away. The zombies re-spawn continuously, and with no end in sight, it’s simply a game of survival.

Presentation and graphics
The game is just one level, comprising of your house and the surrounding wilderness. It has a hand illustrated look to it, and yourself and the Zombies look pretty cool. Overall it’s very simple and does the job, as you would expect for a $0.99 game.

Sound effects are pretty minimal, but the music is good with suitable horror like tunes of haunting choirs and organs.

Very easy to get into with intuitive controls. The game has huge pick up and play appeal. Had great fun playing it, it’s just a shame that fun only lasted a few minutes.

This is where the game falls short. It’s just one level, and simply a case of surviving as long as you can while taking out as many zombies as you can. Shooting for high scores is the only reason to replay, and even then you are stuck with beating your own scores… with no online leader boards or facebook connect to challenge your friends.


Zombies and Me is a good exercise in short, simple and fun gaming for the budget conscious. But even at $0.99 it’s lacking what other similar games such as Doodle Jump can bring to the table.

Zombies and Me – $0.99 - v1 tested

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    I like the graphics

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Zombies as a concept just oozes creativity doesn’t it? I thought these guys were founded by EA to push out more lightweight iPhone games, I guess they were just bought by them, either way EA does not = indie