Zombie Rollers review

Do they sell man-sized balls of destruction at your local gun store?

Zombies are invading town, and you have to make a stand. Or rather you have to make like a ball, and roll them zombies into the ground. Yes instead of opting for some weaponry to kill them down you seek inspiration in Super Monkey Ball. Thankfully there are balls just the right size to fit a human inside, and heavy enough to squash zombies underfoot. At times you even get it in the shape of a coloured beach ball, oh what fun.

Zombie Rollers is an arcade rolling game where you have to score points to progress to the next town. To roll there are three different control schemes: tilt, virtual joypad and swipe. All three work, and it is just a matter of taste which you prefer. Personally I go for the joypad located at the left side giving me half of a dual stick shooter.

You run around on foot until you find a ball to roll in, and it only takes one bite from the zombies to kill you. This makes the game quite hard considering the view that sometimes hides zombies behind roofs, and trees. Once you have a ball however it is a completely different story, and you become the hunter. Depending on the ball the zombies behave differently. The ordinary ball has them trying to escape, and my favourite the ball with meat hanging from it attracts them. There are also different powerups such as a freeze bomb, and firebomb that help you getting out of tight spots.

Reaching a high score unlocks the next town, or even new characters. The game play is the same between levels with only a slightly harder level of difficulty to start with. This makes the game feel kind of samey really quickly. I would have liked to see more quests than the odd saving of a civilian. Missions in the now almost standard Jetpack Joyride fashion would also be a huge help to game life.

Zombie Rollers is a quite ugly game when it comes to presentation, as the entire game is drab and grey. Not even the blood spatter looks cool, and the graphics feels kind of dated. I am not sure what graphics engine has been used, but it reminds me of a lot of earlier games released by Chillingo.

In time for Halloween Zombie Rollers sports a haunting soundtrack fit for the season. The squashing sounds are also quite rewarding.

Zombie Rollers suffers from being too shallow with too little variation. It also suffers from looking dated, and it is hard to shake the sensation that this could have been released about three years ago. For those looking for yet another way to dispose of zombies it might help complete the collection though.

Final Rating


Zombie Rollers $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.

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