Zombie Piñata review

Piñatas are usually cute, and filled with candy. The piñatas in this game is filled with human remains, as they have been zombiefied. Now they are taking over Mexico, and you have to stop their menace. Dress up in your geekiest outfit, and smash some brainless piñatas!

Zombie Piñata is a shooter seen from a side-view. There are quite a few of these in the App Store, and Zombieville USA is the closest I have played previously. This is perhaps the biggest problem I have with Zombie Piñata: it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It has all been done before, and better too. There is no hiding in Zombie Piñata, and I feel it lacks upgrades and new weapons. Sure some of the powerups are cool, and the piñata theme is quite cool.

img_4571Controls are all touch based, and easy to understand. A slider for movement, a melee button, a fire button, and a grenade button. You walk from left to right blasting away the zombie horde. The game also wants you to stick around, and kill those behind you as well. This is more about terminating the enemies than escaping them. Overall I think the controls work fine, but the gameplay is oh so repetitive. Introducing new enemies, and powerups doesn’t really help when the gameplay is the same from start to finish. Sure you can choose to preserve ammo, and just whack the piñatas with your stick. As the stick is fairly powerful it doesn’t really matter.

bild1I got a press kit for Zombie Piñata, and without that kind of reminder I would have passed on this game. It has all been done before with much better result. If the game had been infused with the wacky ideas, and stories I received as fake newspaper clips and photos the game could have been more interesting. I do like the setting, and the cool piñata zombies that show up later in the game.

The presentation is below par in my opinion, but still not bad. It is bright, and it is easy to see what is happening. The enemies, and our hero are not animated enough. There is no fluidity to the motions. Graphics for the enemies are reused so many times that it soon becomes tedious to watch. It is a shame since some of the piñatas are really cool the first times you see them. The music is quite good though with a proper thumping soundtrack that oozes energy. Sound effects on the other hand are repetitive grunts, and groans.

img_4570Zombie Piñata comes with a lot of achievements through Openfeint. There are also quite a lot of levels to wade through. Still there is little to keep you going, as upgrades are few and variation is low. It is definitely worth picking up for free, but I would not recommend it at a higher price than that. There are too many better games in the same genre at minimal prices already.

Final Rating


Zombie Piñata Free
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Alvar Ramirez / Neggi Studio

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