Zombie Glider review

It is a bad day for mankind when zombies start paragliding above us. Thankfully only one of the brain-dead walking dead has managed to build a flying device, and taken to the heavens. With an urge for blood, brains and a dream to go where no corpse has ever gone before the hero takes leaps into the unknown.

Zombie Glider is a variant of the endless running games featuring a zombie on a glider. The controls consist of a slider to control movement in height, and a boost button. Between levels you can upgrade your glider to give better manoeuvrability, and that helps a lot getting the glider responsive. One thing that happens quite a lot to me when playing is that the slider gets stuck in a position. This hang-up happens both on my iPhone and double sized on my iPad 2.

img_3984The goal is to score as high as possible, and there are numerous ways to gain points. The main way is of course to survive for as long as possible. The zombie can also pick up innocent humans, and let them go after the snack is done. Bouncing dead humans act as bowling balls, and the score rises the more innocent people involved. Grabbing archers is of course good, as it both limits enemy fire and gives points when letting the archer go. There are also poor chained up zombies to release on the ground. If you want to get some wicked scores you can also opt for the stars. The glider has infinite speed, and will not stall if you go upwards. Air-ships, dragons, asteroids and aliens need to be avoided or killed.

Upgrading the zombie, glider, cannon and boost between levels is a good reason to give the game one more go. The more brains, and points you get the more you can upgrade your kit. Achievements and high scores are available through Game Center. Overall the content is ok for an endless flying game. When everything is upgraded the game looses most appeal, and replay value. This takes a couple of hours of more or less the same gameplay repeated. I found a spot in the sky where I could not be hurt by arrows, or fire balls and hence I could go for quite long without risk of damage.

img_3985The presentation is overly simplistic, and looks like something a couple of ten-year-olds could pull off. Still it is highly enjoyable, and the art style goes well with the theme. It is almost cute watching the xx representation of death that humans get instead of eyes when eaten. Still a lot of people expect more from a game when it comes to graphics. The music is looped adventure music that works quite well. Sound effects are ok, but somewhat underwhelming. Would have liked some grisly sounds of brains being eaten, or some weird zombie one-liners.

Zombie Glider is a fresh take on the endless running genre. The quirky control issues, lack of game life after all upgrades have been bought and the lack of cool sound effects limit the appeal of the game. Still it is worth getting if you need a game for a two hour train ride, but don’t expect to play it on the return trip.

Final Rating


Zombie Glider $0.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Ernesto Hernandez

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