Zombie Escape – Review

Zombie Escape, from Viqua Games, mixes Zombies and path drawing, to give you a unique spin on the genre made popular by Flight Control…

Path drawing games aren’t new, Flight Control is a perfect example. The main idea is to draw the path of the survivors towards the helicopters so they can be saved. Along the path though, there will be zombies trying to kill the survivors. There are different kinds of zombies, some are faster, some have a greater area of detection and some even leave a deadly trail behind even after they are dead. Well, zombies are already dead, but you know what I mean…dead as in dead for real.

ze1This is where the uniqueness of Zombie Escape comes in. While creating routes fro your survivors, youc an also deal out death from above onto the Zombie horde. There are various items at your disposal, ranging from sniper, to emergency helicopter, to a nuke. In some levels you will start with a few of these items, but you will soon run out of ammo, so in order to keep killing zombies, you will need to pick up these items by sending the survivors towards the different drop outs that will be made during the course of that level.

In order to complete a level, an X amount of survivors are required to be rescued. If you lose three survivors, then it is game over. The idea seems pretty simple, but things will start to get pretty frantic as you advance in the campaign. More and more zombies will be spread around, and the amount of survivors that need to be saved also increases. At the end of each level you will have gained some money that you can spend on upgrades for the items. Example: upgrading the sniper will cause the sniper to kill two, or even three or more zombies with one single shot.

ze2There are three different locations you play on; they are unlocked as you progress. What seemed kind of annoying, in my opinion, was the fact that you couldn’t repeat an already beaten campaign level, meaning that if you can’t beat a level on campaign you might as well go ahead and play some Survival Mode (save as many survivors as you possibly can until they kill off three of them) because it will definitely frustrate you. Another thing was the fact that sometimes the helicopters would take a little while to arrive, meaning that you would have your survivors running around waiting for the helicopters. Of course, this adds a little bit of difficulty to the game, but it was frustrating none the less.

The game is fun overall. There is no real doubt about it, but to me it got a little bit repetitive and tedious after a little while. When I say a little while though, it is after spending at least two or so hours on it. So there is definitely some good playing time into it, and if you are a fan of Flight Control and that genre, then this is a no brainer… especially for only $0.99.


Zombie Escape is out now for $0.99. Get it on the Zombie

Here is the official trailer:

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