Can you wait 400 days?

We normally react with an undead-esque groan here at TG at the announcement at yet another zombie game, but in the case of the excellent ‘The Walking Dead’, released on iPad last year, we’ll make an exception.

‘The Walking Dead: Season One’ is set for an all new installment as DLC with ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ which is centered around a Georgia Truck Stop where you play through the connected stories of five different characters who are thrown into desperate situations while struggling to survive the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse. This does beg the questions of what happens after 400 days though. Do the zombies get bored and go home? With it being set in and around a single location, expect it to resemble an episode of Big Brother, but instead of people arguing over who cooks tonight’s dinner, they argue over who becomes tonight’s dinner.

You can tackle each story in any order you wish, although the order will have subtle influences on the remaining stories. Expect the same level of tension, difficult moral and physical choices and character development as before. Your decisions from season one of ‘400 Days’ will carry over to season two, so if you change your mind about that pastrami sandwich you ate earlier on in the story, you’ll regret it.

Check out the screenshots and the E3 trailer below. Are we excited? It’s a no-brainer. Ho, ho.

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