Zero Hour Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Zero hour is a game that pits you against oncoming fighter planes as the gunner for a battleship. An exciting premise to be sure. Unfortunately, this game feels like it was cut short half way through, and really could have been so much more than a quick demo-like experience.

Presentation & Graphics

Graphics are good, and for the most part the engine performs well. Nothing ground breaking, but still good.




Music is engaging, and the sound effects a very good. They help immerse you into a game that’s not capable of much immersion otherwise.


Using touch controls, the game is very easy to control, and feels natural. Using tilt feels like trying to steer a blind monkey after too many tequila shots. Would have liked to see more enemies, level progression, powerups, etc etc. For a quick thrill, it works.

Game life:

Game is meant to played in short bursts, and that’s it. There’s no reason to play this game repeatedly otherwise, and it will most likely get old very fast.

Game rating:

Final word:
Looking for a solid 3-D stationary shooting game while on the go? You’ve found one. While the game looks great, performs well, and has good controls (if you’re using touch… STAY AWAY from tilt controls!), it lacks much anything else. There’s not even a  high score list, or any sort of visible level progression. I can see this actually becoming a cool game if the devs decide to put some more work into it. For now, it’s more of a glorified tech demo than anything else. Still, it’s entertaining for brief periods of time.

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