Yumsters 2 review

Yumsters 2 is an interesting take on a match the colours game. A port of a PC game, and a sequel to Yumsters 1 which is not available on the AppStore. In it you must clear the screen of various fruit, by directing Yumsters, which are ridiculously cute worm like creatures, to munch through them.

The Yumsters come in various colours, and can only eat fruit of that colour. They appear in holes and their heads can be be dragged to fruit anywhere on the screen. There stretched bodies will pass through matching fruit like maggots, allowing them to eat more than one fruit at a time to give you points combos. Should a fruit not match the Yumsters colour it will cause the creature to shoot back into his hole. You can drag Yumsters to other holes around the screen, and swap Yumsters positions. This is all done with simple touch controls, and stretching their sweet little heads around the screen is a lot of fun.

00000609At the top of the screen is a gauge showing how many fruit you must clear to beat the level, do so and it’s on to the next. Later levels throw new types of Yumster into the mix, such as Yumsters that can clear adjacent fruit with a bomb, a Corporal Yumster that when fed the required amount will cause the other Yumsters to speed up their eating, and a super Yumster that can eat any combination of fruit for huge combos. The challenge arrises once you have fruit appear that no Yumster on screen can eat, requiring you to power up the Yumsters into super Yumsters. Should the level become filled with fruit, with nowhere for the remaining fruit to fall, the game is over.

00000611Presentation and graphics

Bright 2D graphics with super cute creatures, pulling faces and blinking at you while awaiting your commands. The stretching of the Yumsters is pulled off really well, giving an almost tactile feeling that you really are pulling and stretching them around the screen. The menu’s and level map are also presented well, featuring the look and feel of the various lands you visit.


Fitting music and sound is also sickly and cute. The music is particularly catchy, based on the particularly country you are visiting, and even features a tap tap style mini game. The little Yumsters let you know what’s what with basic voice work.


Surprisingly fun gameplay for what initially appears as yet another matching puzzle game. The game makes great use of the touch controls, and the learning curve is just right, regularly adding enough challenge as you progress to stop the gameplay getting stale.


The 64 levels across the seven locations will keep you occupied for a few days. There are also 7 bonus musical levels in the tap tap vein, but these don’t really add much in the long term. Once completed there isn’t much to suck you back for another play, but those cute Yumsters might entice you.


With the AppStore flooded with this type of game it’s a challenge for developers to offer up original puzzlers that will hold your attention for more than a few seconds, with out the feeling of Deja vu.  G5 Entertainment succeeds with Yumsters 2. Out now for $1.99

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