Yummy Bugs Deluxe review

There’s an infestation of Bug games on the AppStore. Most requiring you to squash as many bugs as you can for points. Some are good and some are pretty bad, but whichever you go for give you a quick diversion and nothing more.

Yummy Bugs Deluxe is another such game, only this time you are at a bug eating restaurant and must guide the bugs into a chomping mouth. The more bugs you eat the more points you get, so squashing them won’t do.

Presentation and Graphics
yummy-bugsI actually like the art style of the game, it’s given a rough, old world look to it. The playfield takes place on a table with an olde table cloth. The menu is presented as an actual menu where you can choose modes. And the bugs themselves are pretty nasty looking, particularly when they burst out of what looks to be a large lavae on a plate. Nice!

Lots of squashing, crunching and gnashing of teeth. Yuck!

Fun to begin with but it soon get’s old. Simply drag the bugs to the mouth without pressing down to hard and squashing them. The mouth likes them live!

45 levels, an unlimited mode, global leader boards and a cool looking Bugs gallery, can’t fix the main problem that the game get’s very repetitive early on, so you probably won’t care about the extras.


It’s a fun idea, but ultimately it’s just another bug game that doesn’t quite do enough to rise above the gimmick side and into the realms of true gaming goodness. It’s out now on sale for $0.99, and to be fair it’s not really worth more.

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    I hear ya loud and clear.