Yukendo Pro review

Yukendo Pro is basically the same game as KENKEN, the mathematical suduko. So far I can’t find anything new in Yukendo Pro other than larger playing fields. In KENKEN the maximum size is 6×6 squares but Yukendo Pro brings a massive 9×9 grid.

Input is totally touch based with the numbers beneath the puzzle, and it works well.

img_0586Why should you get Yukendo Pro instead of KENKEN? My answer is: you shouldn’t. KENKEN has better presentation, and comes with the great academy helping you grasping the gameplay. In Yukendo Pro you only get a couple of stale tutorial screens.

So who should get Yukendo Pro? My answer: Those who have already completed all puzzles in KENKEN, and want even more challenge. Yukendo Pro really brings hardcore mathematical suduko when you play the 9×9 grid.

Presentation is solid, and the different music styles that you can choose are all quite good. You can’t play your own music which annoys me a bit. Another thing that annoys me is that the level selection is a bit strange as you only choose the level of difficulty and grid size. I am used to seeing that I have completed something but in Yukendo Pro it seems to randomize a new each time.

I really like the formula that KENKEN invented, and Yukendo Pro takes it one step further in terms of difficulty. You also get global highscores, and Facebook connect to add gamelife if it isn’t enough with the thousands of puzzles available. The fastest times are really fast for the smaller grids so if you want to make the list you better complete a larger grid instead. Of course you still have to quick as lightning.

img_0588The poor level selection system, lack of support for own music and the fact that it is a direct copy of KENKEN draws the rating down. If you have already completed KENKEN or want a new graphical backdrop by all means Yukendo Pro is a competent game adding gamelife by means of online fastest times leaderboards.

Final Rating


Yukendo Pro $1.99

Yukendo Free

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