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I seldom chuckle when I play games, but oh man this game can really make me both chuckle and laugh like a madman. Questions are all over the place mixing below the belt, under the belt with weird facts and sexual innuendoes. A lot of questions are centred around US culture, and celebrities and hence it is harder for us foreigners to nail them. Candies, animals in specific states and so forth are impossible for me. Most questions are universal though such as sperm production, word trivia and how many bones two and a half men would have.

img_3926You don’t know Jack is a trivia game divided into twenty episodes. Every episode is divided into ten questions in two rounds. The second round gives double the score. Finally the third round is the Jack Attack where you have to associate a word/person/subject to words/names/subjects quickly moving by. The questions in the first two rounds are varied into multiple choice, DisOrDats and special questions. This makes the game feel fresh even when replaying the same episode.

You don’t know Jack is all about the quality of the questions, and the tongue in check voiceovers by host Cookie Masterson voiced by Tom Gottlieb. The twisted remarks, nasty putdowns and foul mouth behaviour is truly funny. The questions themselves are often thought provoking, and I get the kind of knowledge I can force upon my surroundings. A gaming session of You dont know Jack fills me with energy, and makes me happy. At times it feels more like an entertainment app than a game. That is until the Jack Attack round that demands super quick decisions, and tapping.

The presentation is sleek, and the game uses the entire screen for the task at hand. No borders or menu buttons disturbing the game. To pause you have to tap using two fingers. I find this clean game interface to enhance the immersion. Between questions there is a small animation showing the number, and these are really cool and add some extra flair. All the voice work is excellent, and the production is great with the snippets flowing without any fumbles.

img_3927For keeping score the game comes with Game Center integration. There is also a number of achievements to unlock. Other than that there is no online functionality. This is the only downside to the game. It feels kind of lonely, and I would love to share it with someone. Some kind of local or online multiplayer would have taken it to the next level. A shared laughter is infectious, and I hope to see some kind of update in the future addressing this area. This would give the game some reason to replay it.

You don’t know Jack is the most fun trivia game I have played on any console or computer. Cookie keeps abusing, and the questions are both silly and educational at the same time. If you haven’t tried the lite version yet I urge you to give it a go right away. Or better still get the full game, and you have 20 episodes to dive into.

Final Rating


You don’t know Jack $2.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller:  Jellyvision Inc.

You don’t know Jack Lite

You don’t know Jack HD
You don’t know Jack HD Lite

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  • Peter Babiy

    I stumbled upon this app (not so much a game) few days back n found it to be quite entertaining. Some of the q’s were a bit tough but all in all, good time waster lol.