Yetisports Review

When I saw YetiSports on the “to be reviewed” list, I jumped for it.  I saw the screenshots and my mind immediately jumped back to the good old days of smacking a penguin with a club and seeing how far he’d sail in the flash games online. This game captures all the innocent wonder of abusing penguins that the original had.

There is both a Levels mode and a Classic mode. The Classic mode is simply hitting the bird as far as you can, and trying to beat your previous best times. The Level mode is comprised of three types of “mission.” Each mission style has nine levels, and in all you must snag 3 fish and fly however far the goal is. The main diference between the mission types is how your penguin is affected by seagulls and where the fish are.  For instance, in one of the styles you willbounce off the seagull’s backs, where in another you will knock the seagull out of the way and steal his fish.


One great addition to the game is the use of the Accelerometer to control your flight angle. In the original game, your flight angle was soley determined by the timing of your hit. That is still very important on the iPhone, but now you must also tilt the device to give your flying bird the most lift, or to make it dive to catch that last fish. You will find that if you master this, your little friend will almost hit the ground and sail right back up, or swoop right under a seagull and snatch a fish from it’s mouth.


I enjoy the sounds in this game. There was no background music, but as the little avian flies you can hear the wind sailing past him, as well as little sound bytes of “ready?” “Yipee!” and more as you smack the birds. This is definately one of those instances where Less is More when it comes to sound. One gripe I have however is that you can not play your own music.

Presentation & Graphics
Presentation is great, and graphics are beautiful. It’s nice to see a game where so much effort was put into small details, such as a well rendered seal balancing a high score on his nose, to the Yeti slugger impatiently tapping his club in anticipation

Less is definately more in this game, however I wish you could play your own music if you felt the need to have some angry penguin smashing music to pump you up.

Gameplay is great, very simple controls, tap to jump and hit, and tilt to angle the flight. I love the addition of watching the lift under the penguin to go farther.

This game will keep you entertained for a while. Even after you beat the missions, you will still go back just to smack the bird around and try to beat your last score.

Game Rating


Yetisports is a game that could have been easily ported from one of the many flash versions. However, the developers spent the extra time to make this into a true gem of a silly pickup-and-play title. Definitely worth the $1.99.

Yetisports1 $1.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    The graphics definitely look better than the flash version


    i love the flash game and this will no doubt be good, if not better.