Yet Another Zombie Defense review

If the title tries to make a statement then the game better be great.

Yet Another Zombie Defense game is a title that is quite funny, much like “Not another teen movie”. It falls flat though because it is really just another zombie defense game. Or rather a zombie dual stick shooter with some slight barricade defence aspects. The generic soldier wearing sunglasses at night doesn’t have a hair of personality when compared to John Gore for example. I don’t want to trash a game because of the name, but in the case of Yet Another Zombie Defense it really sets itself up for some ridicule.

The gameplay is wavebased dual stick shooting with zombies always trying to eat your brains. The controls are straightforward for the genre: move with the left, and shoot with the right stick. You are free to move, and shoot followers which is great when a mob chases you. When all zombies are dead the wave is completed, and you can spend your cash on weapons, ammo and obstacles.

This is supposed to be where the defense aspect comes in, but it is really only limited to placing two kinds of boxes and one kind of turret. As the zombies always follows you it is quite easy to build a square with reinforced corners. You are then free to move about, and shoot them before they can destroy your boxes.

The guns on offer are quite varied, but have to be reloaded using either found or purchased ammo. There is no upgrade system in the game, and that to me is an oversight for any dual stick shooter.

I managed to survive for several nights before pausing the game. The next morning I wanted to pick up where I left off, but the game didn’t save my progress. Each time you start you have to start from the slow beginning. Considering how far you can get before the game starts to become challenging I found this to be a game-breaker. I can’t see anyone playing for thirty minutes each time just to reach where they left off earlier.

The presentation is ok I guess, but not more than that. Having a single lamp post, and no structures makes the entire experience feel barren. It isn’t even clear what I am defending against the horde.

Yet Another Zombie Defense fails in most regards to wow me, and without a save game system it doesn’t get more chances to do so. Try the lite version before considering the paid version.

Final Rating


Yet Another Zombie Defense $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

Yet Another Zombie Defense Lite

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