Xtreme Wheels – Review

Bravo Games revs onto our iDevices with an explosive physics-based moto trials game in the form of Xtreme Wheels. Crash helmet, check! Bad ass motorbike, check! Fear of nothing and nobody, CHECK!

I’m a big fan of the Trials HD series on the Xbox and after trying various rip offs on the app store that offered dodgy controls or childlike graphics I didn’t think they’d ever be a serious attempt at this game on the iPhone/iPad. Then low and behold through the apocalyptic flaming circle arose the glorious smell of burning rubber and success in the form of Xtreme Wheels.

Don't Expect to see this kind of angle in-game

Don't Expect to see this kind of angle in-game

Xtreme Wheels is on a 2D plain presented in stunning 3D graphics with your main objective being to get from point A to point B through a deadly obstacle course as fast as you can with as little crashes and resets along the way. You have direct control over your acceleration, brakes and lean mechanics. This can take a little while to get used to though on the touch screen and could certainly be a bit more responsive. There are 4 different control methods for you to choose from, so finding your personal preference should be your first stop. The way you balance your rider and the speed you travel is the key to your success through each level.

Xtreme Wheels takes you through 5 different locations consisting of 4 levels in each. The first 3 locations are straightforward but then the difficulty ramps up to a point of almost impossibility for some stages. On a particular level there are 3 small gaps, each with an Xtremely sensitive explosive barrel lodged into it and you have to hop over them one by one. The amount of times I’ve had to repeat this level is beyond any number in existence. I don’t mind a challenging game, I welcome it, but I have a problem when I am faced with a near impossible trial leaving me to repeat the same section for the umpteenth time, it drains the fun out of it a bit.

The 3D visuals are nothing short of amazing, I have played this on both the iPhone4 and iPad2 hooked up to the TV and found it difficult to tell the graphics apart from current generation consoles. With a look so sharp and sexy there is a slight (and I mean miniscule) bit of frame rate slowdown on the iPhone4 when you trigger an explosion on the screen. This would matter if it interrupted gameplay, but because blowing yourself up will automatically end the current attempt, it’s not an issue. Consider it more of a punishment for being a bad gamer.

Try not to lose your head with the more frustrating challenges

Try not to lose your head with the more frustrating challenges

It’s all fun and games performing backflips midair and nailing that tricky wheelie to get over a few logs, even that low ceiling decapitation of your rider whilst listening to the generic heavy metal soundtrack in the background can be entertaining but we here at TouchGEN noticed a few glitches did slip through the net, nothing game breaking, but certainly laughable. Both Nigel and myself had privilege of seeing them, with my glitch placing the rider planking the side of the bike and Nigel’s much funnier headless biker!

The glitches we’ve seen so far have been harmless and laughable (fixed by restarting the game), so if you’ve had anything like this happen to you sound off in the comments section below!

Taking Xtreme Wheels on face value I can easily say it’s the definitive trials experience on the iPhone and iPad. Upon further dissection it could certainly do with more levels, tweaked control response and some of it’s glitches fixing. This is by all means a must by for trials fans!


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