WWE Superstar Slingshot – Quick review

It’s time to lay the smacketh down with WWE’s newest iOS entry, but all is not what it may seem.

I used to love wrestling growing up, and although I don’t watch it anymore I still enjoy the games. So when I saw a new WWE game had hit the appstore I was keen to download that bad boy and make some ‘rasslers feel the PAAAIIINN! But what’s this? This isn’t a real wrestling game? You got to be kidding! WWE Superstar Slingshot is clearly an Angry Birds clone, and not a very good one at that.

wwessYou have the choice of 10 Superstars to pick from, all of which are recent wrestlers. Why not throw in some legends to pick from like The Rock and Stone Cold? This is completely irrelevant though as every single Superstar plays exactly the same. With such an obvious opportunity to mix the game up bit by giving each character a different ability, it’s disappointed that nothing of the sort was included.

The story is… well, there is no story, as you start the game you have 1 paragraph explaining that Vince McMahon has taken your title and it’s up to you to get it back! So pretty much on par with the TV storylines then. The game plays as you would expect it to… like a watered down angry birds. You pull the wrestler back against the ring ropes, take aim and release in an attempt to break through the barriers surrounding your  opponent, eventually eliminating him. The level layout is not as smart as Angry Birds either, as you progress, the game just puts more stuff in your way, barrels, wooden 2×4′s and metal girders to knock down, and not in a particularly clever way either. You could be playing level 80 but it’ll begin to feel like your repeating past levels.

wwess1You get 3 attempts per level to reach your opponent, and you have 1 power up to activate during 1 of these 3 throws where your wrestler bursts into flames and has a slightly more powerful attack. There is a total of 135 levels spread over 15 events (stages/chapters) so the game does make for a good time waster if you find yourself stuck on a bus and have no shame in other people knowing you’re a wrestling fan.

You can post yours scores on Facebook, Twitter and Game Center, but this is nothing special, it’s pretty much standard these days that these features are included.

WWE Superstar Slingshot shamefully lacks retina display too, which is a pity as the wrestler designs are very nicely done but including retina display would have really given it the extra bit of shine it needs. It’s clear that this is nothing more than a quick cash-in on the popularity of Angry Birds coupled within the existing fanbase for WWE.

To enjoy this game you’d either have to be a massive Angry Birds fan, or a WWE fanatic.


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