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There are a lot of puzzle games in the App Store, and one of the best selling games was a puzzler called Blocked. Blocked made it to the top of the App Store for a while, and as usual it spawned a lot of variants and copies. Blocked is about getting a block out of a hole in a wall, but it is blocked by other blocks. You have to drag the blocks in order to get the target block out. A lot of variants using other obstacles such as cars have been invading the App Store using the same formula, and controls as Blocked. Now, finally a title that takes the formula to the next level has arrived: Wriggle.

img_0496In Wriggle you have to get a blue worm out of a maze, and that sounds really similar to Blocked and Blue Block. Apart from that Wriggle sets itself apart by only letting you move the worm in a certain way. It moves, and wriggles like a worm meaning you can’t twist and turn it outside the natural range of motion. You control the worm by touching either head or tail, and drag it where you want it to go.

There are other worms in the mazes that block your cute blue worm. By planning ahead you have to make sure that you manage to get the blue worm out. The challenge is to get the worm out in the par number of moves to get a gold medal. Just completing the levels at too many moves gives you silver medals, and who wants silver when there is gold to get?

There are four difficulty levels with 20 levels each giving you quite a lot of gamelife. How you perceive the difficulty is kind of subjective. To me some of the medium puzzles where much harder than the hard ones. I always tend to mess up the levels with more than two worms. The levels with one or two worms I generally nail on the first attempt. I guess it is all about how your brain solves problems, and I think a lot of players will find the opposite hard from what I experience. The puzzles stay challenging, and if you get stuck you can choose to play another puzzle within the same difficulty. To reach the next difficulty you have to complete 50% of the prior level.

img_0500Graphics are cute and functional, and I never have any trouble with the fact that I am touching the rear end of a worm. I like that the developers opted for a cartoony look, had they gone for the same realism as for example Ancient Frog I think I would think twice about handling the wriggly slimy worms. Not to say Ancient Frog is jucky as frogs are much cuter despite being almost as slimy and cold to touch.

The music is ok but as with most puzzles you spend a lot of time with it soon starts to annoy. Sound effects are simple, and you can play your own music alongside them.

Compared to a lot of other puzzlers in the same vein Wriggle has a shortage of puzzles with a total of 80. Still I think the puzzles are of high quality, and I tend to replay easier ones to get pumped for the harder ones. A couple of achievements, and bragging through Twitter also lengthens the gamelife. I would like to have some sort of unlockables, and perhaps a bit of worm customization would have been cool.

Wriggle is a great puzzle game adding a wriggly dimension to the classic blocked formula. At a buck you will certainly get a lot of gameplay out of Wriggle. Try the lite to get a feel for the game.

img_0497Final Rating


Wriggle $0.99

Wriggle Lite

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    graphics look good