WordsWorth Review

Words Worth ($1.99)

From the App Store: “WordsWorth is a challenging, fun, engaging and an addictive word game, with the perfect ingredients to loosen up. Trace new words as you link letters into words in the library using Multi-Touch interface. Create longer words with rare letters to earn hefty points. Stumble upon new rewards and challenges along the way. ‘Shake’ if you cannot locate a word, of course at a penalty. Watch out for timed tiles that threaten to explode your library! Customize the game to suit your level of intellect. Go on to earn whopping scores and become a whiz with words!”

508161_5So the way it works is you a get field full of hexagonal tiles. On each of these tiles is a letter. The goal is to link letters together to make a word. Then, like in a match 3, the tiles you used to make the word vanish and new tiles fall in from the top. You get more points if you make a word with rare letters (like Qu), create the buzz word (shown on screen), and for making longer words.

If you get stuck you can shake to rearrange the letters, but you will be penalized by getting a timed tile. Timed tiles don’t work like the tiles in Trism, but instead by real time so you have to think fast. You also get wild card tiles that can help clear out stubborn pieces.

I have to admit when I saw the screen shots for WordsWorth I was not impressed. I was sure this would be another crappy game, but despite the poor graphics & sound it’s still fun. The falling tile format is fun and the game can move at a pretty fast pace. When I first sat down to play it I found myself playing for a good amount of time.

One problem I had was with the tile linking. It doesn’t de-activate links automatically so when you want to try linking a word with a different letter you have to click on your first letter to un-link it, then start the new word. I would have preferred they just unselect everything after an attempt like they do in Wurdle.  Other than that the game played really well.

508161_3Presentation & Graphics




Game Rating

Word’s worth is woth the price, and athough the interface is not as polished as some others, it has a really long gamelife, meaning it’s a great value. If your in need for an addicting word game than pick up WordsWorth.

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  • Jay

    typos found..

  • Anila from 99Games

    Thanks for the detailed review and giving us useful feedback. We’ll definitely work towards updating the game further. Thanks again for helping us spread the word on WordsWorth out!


    Wow this is the first time I’ve seen a developer (excluding nacho) comment on the site.