Word Up Dog review

From zombie survival to dogs selling words, now this is one interesting developer.

Now this is something different, completely different in the word game genre. Sarah Northway who previously developed the excellent Rebuild survival game created this fresh experience. Word Up Dog is at heart a word game, but the structure and story are new aspects.

A dawg gets lost in the underground, and has to find his way back home. This is presented with direct references to Fresh Prince in Bel Air, and I found myself chuckling at the clever rhymes. Sadly only written ones, and it would have been supercool to have some coarse voice raping away.

The structure of the game borrows heavily from dungeon crawling, and rogue games. You control the puppy by tapping the side of the screen you want him to move. To dig you hold in the direction you want to dig. Digging costs a bone, and to get more oyu have to either find bones or sell words. Selling words is the only lucrative way to do it, and to be able to escape the current level you will have to become quite good at completing the current task.

Letters you find are placed at the top, and you simply tap them in order to create a word. Select sell, get a price and confirm to finalize the deal. There is often a task that gives you extra bonus such as creating a word with the letter O, or creating at least a five-letter word. It is worth going for these bonus tasks to be able to finish a level, as a goon demanding quite a few bones guards the exit.

Word Up Dog features four dictionaries with either a slang American English, a stricter British English, German and French. To give more game life the levels are randomized each time you enter.

The presentation is ok, but there is a lot of Boulder Dash to the underground that can become a bit bland. The characters on the other hand are really cool with style derived from rappers from the eighties. When you sell a word you can get some snazzy graffiti telling you that you are suppa fly, or some other great expression.

Word Up Dog is a fresh, and fun experience combining word gaming with dungeon crawling. The references to the fizzling eighties are really fun, especially for those who sang along to MC Hammer and LL Cool J. Highly recommended.

Final Rating


Word Up Dog $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

Free flash version here.

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