Wire Way (EU) review

Wire Way (EU) is an arcade game where you get to flick the cute alien Wiley using wires. It is only released in Europe so far, and I have no information to whether it will be available for the US or not.

The controls are all touch based, and basically the game is all about pulling down wires to help Wiley fly. Collecting stars, pieces of clothing and other bonus items while finding your way to the mother ship.


The stars are used as health, and if Wiley is hurt by an obstacle or enemy while down to zero stars the game is over. If you time it correctly you can send Wiley flying really high if he hits a wire already tensioned, and released.

A major flaw of the game is that the screen is too small in regards to the game perspective. Many times the game doesn’t register when I am certain that I manage to draw a wire back. This makes the game quite frustrating.

The graphics are quite cool with a retro vibe to them. After a couple of levels the textures start feeling old, and I really would want more variation and higher quality to them. The music, and sound effects are all really good with a happy upbeat feel to them. You can play your own music as well.

There are loads of levels(32), and two cool game modes beside the hefty quest mode. Flick Trials challenge you to complete levels within a set number of flicks. Strategery lets you create the wires for Wiley to guide him safely on his way. There is also DLC that allows you to buy a pack with 16 new levels, and some levels for the extra modes as well. Customization of Wiley is available too once you find enough of his clothes in the levels.

img_5032This is a short review due to the fact that Wire Way is only out in Europe. It is no loss for the American readers as the unresponsive controls turns Wire Way into a really frustrating experience. I tried the lite version before buying the full version, and got really disappointed as the lite version is so easy the controls work well. Once the game starts to challenge you the controls fails right away. I can’t recommend Wire Way in the reviewed 1.0.0 version.

Final Rating


Wire Way( EU) $4.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Konami Digital Entertainment
Wire Way Lite( EU)

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