Windosill – iPad Review

This gorgeous puzzle game might be short on content but it’s packed with style…

Based on the Mac and PC version from Vectorpark – available on steam – the game is somewhat of an interactive picture book. However, don’t let its kid-like exterior put you off. Underneath lurks a crafty puzzle game.

The object of the game is to get a little toy block car through the exit door of one stage, and enter another. These doors are locked and can only be opened with a cubic key. The challenge for each stage is to find said key.

To do so you must explore the stage, dragging, tapping and tugging at objects. Solutions to finding the cube can be as simple as searching for it behind objects, while others will require more work, such as activating one object to affect another – which in turn reveals the cube. Working out the more complex solutions is immensely satisfying, not to mention great fun to watch in motion.

Windosill is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing games I have played on iPad. It’s visual style is simple but effective, creating a surreal yet believable world. Solutions to puzzles are completed though a mix of logic and imagination, something I haven’t seen before in one game.

It’s also yet another case where the iPad edition trumps its original format, the PC. Played with a mouse, it simply does not give you the same direct and tactile feel than with the touchscreen. Nowhere is this more apparent than when playing with a friend, as they explore the screen with you – tapping, tugging and flicking objects until a solution reveals itself.

Windosill, as an interactive experience, is a triumph. I could have easily given this a full five stars were this review to be written by heart alone. My head, on the other hand, looks at its short playtime and relative high price (compared to other AppStore games of a similar price), and thinks otherwise. I hope that more levels will come – or, that the experience creating this game will lead to bigger and better things. The AppStore needs games as original as this.


Windosill is out now on iPad for $2.99. Get it on the Windosill -

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