WIN Super Monkey Ball 2

To mark the release of Super Monkey Ball 2, we are giving away a copy of the game to one lucky reader. Read on to find out how…

Super Monkey Ball 2 was released today on the App Store. The original set a benchmark in it’s phenomenal sales success.  “Super Monkey Ball was a huge success for us in the App Store,” said Mike Hayes, CEO of SEGA of America and SEGA of Europe. “When presented with the opportunity to do a second one, we knew we had to jump on it and strive to make it bigger and better than the first one. Addressing fan requests and making sure iPhone and iPod touch gamers had the ultimate Super Monkey Ball experience they were looking for was the driving force behind this latest iteration of the beloved franchise and we know we have delivered.”

Developed by Other Ocean, Super Monkey Ball 2 allows players to more easily pick-up-and-play the 3D stages in both single and multiplayer thanks to the refined control system. It also makes all 115 stages of the game available to be played in multiplayer mode using the local Wi-Fi with up to four players, as well as introducing the much loved mini games of the Gamecube original, starting with Monkey Bowling… with others due later through in-game purchases.

Well have our review up later in the week, but in the meantime Super Monkey Ball 2 is out now for $9.99. Or, you can win a copy of the game by doing the following:

In the comments section below, simply tell us how ‘being trapped in ball would enhance your everyday life!’ The more creative, the better the chance of winning! We’ll then choose the best, and announce the winner at the weekend.



Obama & his mama dont need to worrie bout me
I cant get sick, no germs in my ball – tehehehe
When I get bored I can bounce & roll around
For fun play human bowling & knock you down
I’d have a best friend, a monkey, with a cute face
together we’ll hop in the ball and explore outa space

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  • DoubleTime

    Rolling my a$$ out of bed every morning would be a lot more interesting!

  • Jas

    I could Rock and Roll all day and all night….

  • Brandon

    No need to pay for gasoline anymore!

  • 90210

    I can’t get sick,
    Because for germs my ball’s too thick.

    I never have to walk,
    Because rolling on downhill streets would rock.

    I play human bowling with pedestrians just taking a stroll,
    Because that’s just I roll.

  • Arturo

    I could play guitar hero and rock band with a high volume!

  • Lin Napolitano

    If I were trapped in Ball, I would bounce around all day, I would be smiling and happy all the time too, getting to hang around, and figure things out with a Monkey for a best friend.
    I work many hr’s, and come home to an empty house – it would take away most of my daily stress, and make me happy.

  • Castell

    I could roll over my friends!! hahahaha

  • 9nando9

    i would race my hamsters across the hill all day

  • Jonathan

    I would pay someone to make a trail of stacked books like a train track so I could just sleep whole I rolled to school

    ( tho I would have to greese myself up or I would go around the ball and boke :( )

  • Raoupp

    I’d probably jump from my window… and then come back.

  • Avi

    I could re-enact Raiders of the Lost Ark with my friends. How cool would it be to FINALLY play the part of the boulder for a change!!


    My dream of having three balls would finnaly come true! (wink) The rest is up to your imagination fellows!!

  • Ken Cavanaugh

    I could finally stop living vicariously through my hamster.

  • Joshn

    If I lived in a ball I could travel around stark bollock naked with my dingle out. I wouldn’t get cold, I wouldn’t get dirty and most of all I dare the police to try and arrest me for public exposure when I’m rolling down hilly brighton away from them at 20mph.

  • Kiggle

    Well I just can’t buy the whole trapped-in-a-ball thing without the monkey, so I guess that means I’d be in the ball in addition to aforementioned simian.

    Clearly the enhancement to my everyday life would be the monkey.

  • Eric

    Life would be a ball. I know. That was bad. Pick me! Please.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    No diapers, no vomit or strange smelly substances. Life in a ball as a parent of two at times oozing baby girls would be a blessing. A blessing I tell you.

  • Austin

    I work at a grocery store, so i could ignore angry customers since i can hear them… and when one of their bastard kids throws an egg at my ball, i can run the little shit over, and then ram his trashy parents to the wall for laughing when he threw it… forgetting that just because i have a name tag, doesnt mean i wont react accordingly. This Ball was made for smashin’, and thats just what it does, and one of these days my ball is gonna smash all over you…

  • iPhoner

    I would’nt care of being drowned.

  • jjj

    I would be mistaken for Jake Gyllenhaal in the cinematic classic for the ages, “Bubble Boy,” resulting in ladies aplenty. Yes, I referenced the movie “Bubble Boy.”

  • R Slade

    Finally people would stop touching me,
    yet alone talk to me.
    And I’d have an excuse to never get in time for anything. (As I don’t)
    “Yeah, the ball got in the way again.. Couldn’t fit it through the bus door..”

  • Rock $ Rolla

    I could win a race against the other monkeys at my school and be awarded the best ball of the year trophy.

  • Capone

    Being trapped in a ball would definitely enhance my everyday life, because I would finally stop living on the “edge”. :-)

  • Brian

    If I were trapped in a ball, no Christmas shopping crowds would intimidate me!

  • Heng Liang Lim

    In a tropical country, I’m protected from the sun and rain always. Imagine that you won’t get wet at all in the rain!

    And of course, every pedestrian will give you way or else you’ll just roll over them.

  • Derek

    its the ultimate in transportation!

  • erik

    Me trapped in a ball? Its enough for me to have my own balls with trapped children in them.

  • jason

    It would make me a well rounded individual.

  • robert

    I would definitely enjoy taking the stairs a lot more…at least for going down. No more elevators for me!!

  • Christopher Gustavson

    I have a great natural essence and this natural great scent wouldn’t be ruined by other’s not so great scents.

  • pixelologist

    Hey, I’m a guy. I always want to ball.

  • Brent Womble

    I’d never have to sit with the people on the subway, I’d have my own private compartment in front.

  • TumbleBug

    I have been meaning to get my fish a new tank for a while now. I could fill the ball with water and then I could take him where I want. I could have a fish that follows me like a dog. A dogfish.

  • Alex

    If we are all trapped in a ball it is a great opportunity to set new racing facility on streets.
    Ball Racing

  • Tim Rhodes

    Being trapped in a ball would definitely keep me safe from the Swine Flu!!

  • Loser Chris

    Being trapped in a ball would surely help drown out some of the noise around the office.

  • Neil Jensen

    I’d have a better view than even the season ticket holders. “I AM the ball! Beat that!”

  • SumDaii

    I could be myself, and sing to myself in teh ball!

  • Benjamin Cline

    Wow man… this game was super addicting on the Game Cube and I was so let down by the initial release on the iPhone. It will be great to play those mini games. Especially Monkey Target…. my favorite!

  • Benjamin Cline

    Whoops forgot to read the whole post.

    Being trapped in a ball would enhance my perception. Seeing through the concave lens of the clear ball would certainly add a new dimension to reality. Funny that we don’t see this wacky world from the Monkey’s perspective the way they should see it.

  • ErichD

    I’d never have to buy Snaitizer again! Also, I’d never trip over my own shoelaces and fall on my face — I’d just roll on…. listening to Modest Mouse.

  • Clara

    I could rob a bank and they couldn’t handcuff me or shoot me cause the bullets would just bounce off.

  • witchiewoman

    Obama & his mama dont need to worrie bout me
    I cant get sick, no germs in my ball – tehehehe
    When I get bored I can bounce & roll around
    For fun play human bowling & knock you down
    I’d have a best friend, a monkey, with a cute face
    together we’ll hop in the ball and explore outa space

  • zamzarvideo

    Being in a ball every day would help because you can run over people you don’t like. :P Also, you can keep a computer and tv inside at all times, and if you’re talking to someone, they can’t force you off. :P

  • Nicomiq

    In the subway on the way to work, no more people invading my personnal space in rush time, or if i’m in a hurry i would use the rail and run on it or let me roll by the train :)

  • Robert

    I’d be able to get to places much faster!!!

  • Kevin Stauss

    One word: ocean. How awesome would it be to ride waves inside a ball?

  • witchiewoman

    Thank you vey much -Blessed be & have a Great Holiday